Adult breastfeeding

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Adult breastfeeding forum


Adult breastfeeding forum

Adult breastfeeding forum

Adult breastfeeding forum

When I was asked to write this, my initial reaction was to cringe. Reject the concept. Push it away. I Brsastfeeding not alone in this reaction. Maybe discovered during sex with a woman who is breastfeeding. Forming a closer bond, finding a way to relax as a couple. Oxytocin is the human feel-good hormone. There is also the commitment involved.

Inducing lactation without a pregnancy is not easy, and maintaining it takes effort from both parties. In this, ANRs come with a level of physical and emotional dependence. Both parties need to be invested in making it work. So much so, that some ANRs will involve sharing breast milk with others, in order to keep lactation happening while their Adult breastfeeding forum partners or spouses are away.

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Adult breastfeeding forum

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