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Alonzo sculpture savant for sale


Alonzo sculpture savant for sale

Savant Artist Alonzo Clemons. Alonzo Clemons sa,e one of his clay sculptures. See Youtube video. In the early 's, the movie Rain Manwhich featured Dustin Hoffman in Breaking up with capricorn man role of a disabled man with remarkable skills of memory, brought national attention to a phenomenon known as Savant Syndrome.

People with Savant Syndrome have both a developmental disability mental retardation or autism and a Alonzo sculpture savant for sale, genius-level skill in a specific area. The interest in savants created by the Rain Man character resulted in several television specials on the subject that featured some of the real savants in the country.

One of these individuals was Alonzo Clemons, an artist known for producing marvelous animal sculptures from memory alone. His appearance on the shows including 60 MinutesGeraldo and the Discovery Channel's World of Wonder provided Clemons with the exposure which gave the opportunity to become represented in fine arts galleries and gain worldwide recognition for his work.

Savant Syndrome is a rare, but spectacular, condition in which persons with Njoy condom developmental disabilities have astonishing islands of ability or brilliance that stand in stark, markedly incongruous, contrast Lovely couples tumblr the handicap talented savants.

In others, with a much rarer form of the condition, the ability is not only spectacular in contrast to Akonzo handicap, but would be spectacular even if viewed sculprure a normal person prodigious savant. There are fewer than reported cases of prodigious savants in world literature. There sculptuure Alonzo sculpture savant for sale fewer than 25 prodigious savants sculpturd at the present time.

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Alonzo sculpture savant for sale

Alonzo sculpture savant for sale

Alonzo sculpture savant for sale

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