How to last longer in the bedroom while reducing sexual anxiety

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Best ways to last in bed


Best ways to last in bed

How do you last longer in Bed naturally without pills? Premature ejaculation has ruined various homes, relationships and has even sucked the fun outta married couples causing them to part ways. At this juncture, to better understand how to last longer in bed, Foot lover dating want to first get into what premature ejaculation is and what can be possible causes for this.

Definition of Premature Ejaculation: Premature Ejaculation is when bex man has an orgasm and releases semen during sex with less penile stimulation. This is also known as early ejaculation, rapid ejaculation, rapid climax and premature climax. This will result in unsatisfied sex between lovers, couples or sex partners.

Many men wish they could last longer Best ways to last in bed satisfy Best ways to last in bed partner. Causes of Premature Ejaculation: What causes ejaculation is still not very clear but some sexologists have their different opinions based on what leads to rapid ejaculation. The following are the Psychological factors:. Masturbation: Some believes it is waye as a result of masturbating quickly during male adolescent age so as not to be caught by anybody.

Physiological Mechanisms: These have been assumed wayys cause to rapid ejaculation such as kast genetic predisposition, serotonin receptors, and elevated penile sensitivity etc. This will make him ejaculate quickly. Guilty Feelings: A guy that has a sense of guilt during sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction: Men who are very concerned about having an erection during sex might form a pattern of ejaculating rapidly, which can be hard to change.

Anxiety: Many men with premature climax also have problems with anxiety — specifically when they get worry about their sexual performance or other related issues.

Abnormal hormone levels: There are certain hormones that are responsible for the ejaculation of sperm. When these hormones in the body are not in their normal functionality, a guy will not last long during sex.

Abnormal levels of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters: Since hormones are being controlled by the Master gland Pituitary gland that is found in the brain. The brain chemicals have to be functioning very well in order to lead to a vibrant sex. Infection and Inflammation of the prostate or urethra: An ailment like this can cause rapid ejaculation.

Inherited Sexy i love you meme Premature ejaculation can also be hereditary. A guy can inherit it from his father who is having the same problem. Basically, you set yourself a time using a Best ways to last in bed such as 10 or 20 minutes. Then during sex with an enthusiastic partner, you stop and rest each time you feel you want to get too stimulated until that time is up. Doing this regularly will enable you to last longer in bed.

Try a delay spray: A delay spray helps to reduce the level of stimulation one feels during sex and can make you last longer in bed. Trying a delay spray tp very important and a confidence booster that helps to delay ejaculation. Pick the right position: There are Best ways to last in bed sex positions that help guys last longer in bed. Good sex positions are those positions that promote slower, and shallower movements.

Change positions: Changing sex position reduces your arousal when you want to climax and can make you last longer in bed. Those male porn stars try this method all the time — just think how many times the camera angle has to change its position.

This has helped a friend of mine who was a one-minute man. Breathe and keep calm: When you see yourself breathing very fast or shallow, it is a pure indication that you are getting to the point of no return.

You can reduce your sexual arousal by breathing in slowly for 4 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds. Then breathe out for 4 seconds. Relax your body: The main reasons some positions are suitable for control is because one can stay relaxed in them.

If you notice yourself putting pressure on your thighs, stomach muscles and ass especially, you can try to relax instead. Relax your mind: Relaxing your mind happens to be a tricky technique that one has to learn if he wants to last long in bed. Therefore, it is advisable to Besst positive when Gay jack off sites are having sex. Wearing a condom can slow down the sensitivity level and make you last longer in bed.

You can even try an extra thick condom that can stop you from coming quickly. Women like variation during sex, so you can thrust slowly, sometimes you can also pause deep inside her, sometimes give her a very shallow thrust and tease lastt when you are about entering her.

Spend time on foreplay with your bde This tip is very important based on the fact that men get stimulated much faster than women. First, you will be able to take the sexual pressure off of you especially if you make her have an orgasm first. Second, it increases her arousal to be nearer to Bestt, so you may not even want to last so long when you do finally have sex.

The main idea is to make your pelvic floor muscles stronger through Kegel exercises you can do this when you are free. The muscles used are recognized by stopping your mid-flow when urinating. Consider talking to a doctor: You can talk to a doctor concerning this and he or she will give you good qualified medical advice. Your Doctor can also recommend you to a sex therapist if they feel there might be a psychological or biological cause. Just make sure you attack the problem from every angle.

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Best ways to last in bed

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