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Carisa calnon


Carisa calnon

Carisa calnon

Carisa calnon

Neighbors in this Sacramento suburb watched stunned as a ranch house became became a center of the investigation into the notorious Golden State Killerwho preyed on victims across California in the s and s.

The crush of police vehicles, media trucks and yellow crime scene tape stood out in an otherwise quiet neighborhood of cul de sacs and well-maintained two-story homes. The suspect was a police officer in Auburn during the s, but was fired after he was accused of shoplifting a hammer and dog repellent, according to a newspaper article. He is suspected of committing some crimes while he was still on the force, but his arrest is related to a double homicide of a Ventura County couple, according to law enforcement sources.

Curious neighbors and visitors lingered to get a Lesbian life tumblr at the spectacle. Carisa Calnon, 42, a businesswoman from Fair Oaks, drove seven minutes from Fair Oaks to observe the scene. Richelle Taylor, 42, came from Granite Bay, Princessalanab minutes away.

Richelle is a true crime fan. Carisa said she grew up around here. Her father was in law enforcement, so the case was especially scary to her. So I came here.

I just saw them pull a boat out of the garage. And he was right here. Richelle said she had just been discussing the case with her mom the other day, reminding Carisa calnon they had lived in Stockton at Carisa calnon time the killer was active there. Jack Haddad, 51, a physician, and his wife Hala Doumat, 35, a real estate Meetsafelocals, live just down the street.

Neither said they knew the suspect but Hala said she regularly walks by his house with her three kids. She described the neighborhood as very quiet and friendly. Just two weeks ago, the couple had watched a documentary on the Golden State Killer. Jack said he was shocked it had taken so long to solve the case. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. April 25, Melanie Mason. Follow Us. Melanie Mason is a reporter covering the presidential campaign. After Saugus High School shooting, prayer unites a grieving community.

A day that began with the shock of a school shooting in Santa Clarita ended in prayer for many families who gathered for vigils in the area. Five suspects arrested in connection with Halloween Airbnb party shooting in Bay Area. In response to increasing hate crimes and incidents, Orange County Human Relations is rolling out its first statewide program to equip schools with the resources to launch their own educational and awareness campaigns.

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Carisa calnon

Carisa calnon

Carisa calnon

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