A Guide To Cuckolding: The Fetish Where You Enjoy Watching Your Partner Have Sex With Someone Else

Within the batman of cuckolding, a big is a sexually bald male who becomes after with people in buy people.







Cuckold terminology


Cuckold terminology

Cuckold terminology

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Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Cuckold Terminology. Terminoloty Terminology This is a list of words and phrases used in the cuckolding lifestyle: 1 Cream Pie: refers to the state of a white woman's vagina after she has had unprotected sex with a black man. Eros tennessee some women, this is the ultimate way to humiliate her terminolohy, the cuckold usually has to clean up her cream pie.

Here a husband has sex with other women all with his wife's acceptance and support while she remains faithful to him. Some might even describe themselves as black cock only. Due to semen dripping out of the white wifes vagina it is referred to as "The Fountain Of Lust".

The white cuckold often positions himself inbetween and under the woman's legs while she is standing and then drinks from the fountain of lust as semen is dripping out of her vagina. A penis is inserted into her mouth, vagina and anus simultaneously.

Often a white wife involved in the cuckold lifestyle will refer to herself as a "Size Queen". The white cuckold deliberately introduces white women to very well endowed black men in the hope that they will get into a romantic relationship. The cuckold gets a kick out of knowing he is responsible for a white woman getting a black man's seed inside of her vagina.

The black tegminology takes turns ejaculating over the white wifes face. The semen is often left to dry, the white wife then walks through public with the dried ejaculate on her face. The white cuckold usually walks next to his wife in public. This adds an element of humiliation. The cuckold then asks his wife to wear the high heels while they are out on a date in public. The wifes toes and feet are usually full of semen.

In some cases the husband will set up liaisons, asking men to have sexual intercourse with his wife. A prince of spades does Cuckold terminology have a girlfriend or wife, but if he had he would whore her out to black men. These men often collect panties that have been worn by white women that are known rerminology having sex with black men. They get sexually aroused by sniffing the panties of big black cock whores.

Last edited: Dec 7, Real Person. Gold Member. Cuckold terminology USVI. From NC, US. I don't really see its purpose, but, Cuckolld a lot of things don't have a purpose.

InCharge Couple Gold Member. From OK, US. Do cuck queens really exist? Like, is that a thing? Apparently this is a real thing with it's own subculture just like ours.

I've never heard of it. How about things like cocky angst, Eve's dropping, calling, etc this is a very limited vernacular. Dpad Male Gold Member. From CA, US. First time I hear about cuckqueen. TopCat Male Staff member. From WA, US.

Please be specific in item 5. All black men can easily say they have a big penis or BBC, but that's probably further from the truth. Last edited: Dec 22, TopCat said:. Same for "Prince of Spades". Never heard that one. Dpad said:. AvgCouple09 said:. IMO of terminoloyg. Other wives may not think so. Plenty of players out Tumblr hot ebony with no car, no home of their own, no job and couldn't hold a decent conversation with you to even want to meet socially.

Again, IMO. And yes, they do exist. Depends on the cuckolding couple not a committee. From FL, US. You are Cuckold terminology correct, couples or the woman should decide. BBC committee was Cuckold terminology something I conjured up and there is probably no such thing. When it comes to cock size for women, it's just a matter of preference terminopogy personal requirements.

The visual aspect is existent. Size is not that important. But then again, being filled fully is another sort of pleasure for a woman. Play it real. Otherwise there will be disappointment. You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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Cuckold terminology

Cuckold terminology

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