QED uPlay Plus Bluetooth Receiver

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Dac audio qed uplay bluetooth


Dac audio qed uplay bluetooth

Despite it being a device that is principally about providing access to network digital audio, the QED Stream network audio player seems Is blue chew legitimate firmly directed at the analogue market. Stephen Dawson explains. Its uPlay Stream network audio player is, obviously, a very different thing indeed.

In other words it streams digital audio from DLNA-compatible network devices and it decodes them to audio. It is entirely focussed on this task alone; there is no provision for internet access, nor does it Dac audio qed uplay bluetooth such extras Chris hardwick gif Bluetooth support. Being so small, placement should be no problem.

Input to the device is via the Ethernet port or WiFi. Output is via the analogue audio output only. I do have one significant issue with the output: presumably in the interests of saving space, the output is a 3. Still, 3. It certainly worked with perfect reliability throughout the test period, both with the cable supplied by QED and my own much heavier cables attached to a 3.

With the lossless formats it supports up to 96kHz sampling and 24 bits. However, the DAC will down-convert bit resolution to 16bit and output at bit resolution. No remote control is provided with the unit, but none is needed. Not even to switch it off, really.

Its power consumption when running is a tiny 1. Otherwise you can wire the unit Dac audio qed uplay bluetooth into your network and set up the WiFi using its internal setup web page.

App Since the uPlay Stream has no controls, it has to be driven from elsewhere. That elsewhere is a computer, tablet or phone. With Windows computers you can simply select the unit as an output device, just as though it were any other DLNA compatible client, from within Windows Media Player, and use that software as your controller to select tracks and play, pause, repeat and so on.

There are five buttons across the bottom of the screen. One is to choose the device to which the music is to be routed. Typically this will just be your uPlay Stream. But you might have several up to eight are supported on one network so you can select which one you want to play to.

You can also group them into a number of combinations and choose the group instead. You can change the name of each device e. Another button is for selecting the source.

That can be the library of music on tablet or phone itself, or any DLNA servers available on your network. Or music from any cloud service to which you are signed up.

From this you can skip tracks, pause, set up random and repeat playback, drag a slider to move to any point in the current track, and mute the sound or adjust the volume. The volume control is in two forms: a slider and a virtual thumb wheel, which are easily switched between.

The app is very intuitive, easy to operate, elegant in design and fast in bringing up lists of artists, albums and so on.

Sound The sound quality of the unit was as with analogue playback from a high quality CD player: smooth and clean, with no apparent degradation of the signal. The kHz content was not played at all, the app announcing that these tracks were Dac audio qed uplay bluetooth.

To check I created a 1. The Dac audio qed uplay bluetooth output was indeed about 1. That equates to a bit over 4V peak to peak. And the output is simply too high for the hardware.

At every volume position from 95 up tothe sound was tainted with massive levels of odd-order harmonic distortion. At 94 and below it was perfectly clean. For the first time in several years I pulled out my cathode ray oscilloscope to look at the waveform. At 94 the form of the sine wave was perfect. At 95 there was hard clipping at the top and bottom of the waveform. The geometric precision of the clipping made it look like it was digital rather than analogue clipping.

Dac audio qed uplay bluetooth I am tempted to suggest that QED should have set the maximum output level to the equivalent the current 94, I suspect that I was using the system wrong. Connected Magazine. Audio Product Reviews Video. QED has a couple of Bluetooth-only devices for that purpose.

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Dac audio qed uplay bluetooth

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