[18+] Davey Wavey Leaked Nude Pictures!

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Davey wavey dick pic


Davey wavey dick pic

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Hello and thank you for registering. Please complete the process by verifying your email address. If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. Good god, yes. If only we could never hear that horrific voice of his then he'd truly be perfect.

Looks like Davey was putting on Naughty girl 4shared private show for someone I want an actual video! The side shot bicep pose in the jock strap and tight tee - makes my balls churn. I've never heard of Davey Wavey before, although I get the sense that this is a good thing.

Thanks for sharing, OP. Davey is a very positive, loving gay man who has blog about positivity and love. You can find him at his blog or on his youtube chanel or on his new fitness site.

His face is kinda beat, but the body is killer and the dick ain't bad. I would have heard of him, why? How 'famous' IS this guy, really? Maybe "beat" was too harsh. His face has character, but it's not a handsome face, in my opinion. Now when do we get the Will naked pics?

Yea, you know one of the entries on his blog? How to be Dirty web cam live better dater. Because that's what keeps the men coming back to him -- his suave dating skills.

Fuck you, R Why would I want to? Someone share and enlighten me. We've been discussing this guy for a few years now. Unless you are new to DL I'm kinda surprised you don't know about him. And with a body like that I cant say I blame neighbor. Im a hater so I only watch his vids every once and awhile. And the blog, forget about it. I've been on the DL for well over a decade. I've never heard anything about him. I read this forum every single day except, for the last two years, when prime-time is in effect Can't recall ever seeing or reading a single thing about this guy before.

R37, Davey Wavey had a thread that hit ish replies a year or so ago. I had it favorited forever, until webbie deleted all the old friends thanks again, webbie, you rock! So, he either crossed your radar or didn't. Then again, in the era of Google, when you are literally at a computer when a question crosses your mind, when it LITERALLY takes fewer keystrokes to type "Davey Wavey" into your browser's Google toolbar, press enter, and find out who is is than it does to post the question here -- there really is no excuse.

You don't even need Google for thatgoogling wouldn't tell me what I was asking. I agree with those saying that his voice is too annoying, and I would add so are his attempts at philosophy, but his penis is pretty good. Hate his eyes and face though. My name is Davey Wavey. He lives in an extremely small town less than pop in Rhode Island. So I don't think he's Davey wavey dick pic rent boy.

I have no clue who Davey Wavey is. But I will tell you that just looking at those pics, he has the perfect body. For those of you making fun of Is mailboxarea com legit voice, I have to say that it actually makes him sexier to me. His voice matches him perfectly. Whoever ends up with him will be a VERY lucky person.

He is 27 and each summer goes on a summer adventure to a new city. He purchased a condo a few years back that he rents out whiles he's on his adventures.

He is impossibly upbeat and cheery. His comes from a very strict Catholic upbringing, but his mother his since come around about his homosexuality. He was a fat kid growing up, but lost the weigh at some point in high school. He is always talking about kindness, love, respect, and gay issues. He works out all the time, a symptom of being a fat kid and became a personal trainer. He vlogs shirtless and says that he never likes to Desiree nick zieht blank a shirt.

He has a boyfriend who is a DJ in Canada who is currently living with him for a brief period. He now has set up a website for his fitness routines, due to the number of questions he gets about his workouts.

After typing all of that, I just realized that I know entirely too much about this guy, but I find him and his annoying positivity both maddening and fascinating all at the same time. Howard Stern keeps this list of people he's annoyed he knows exists. The first on the list was Jennifer Lopez's ex-boyfriend Cris Judd.

Thanks for this posting OP. I've been signed up for Davey Wavey's chipper blogs and have been patiently waiting for them to get sexier. Wow, R42, you are a mess. I am only rarely on this site and I remember hearing about Davey Wavey. But regardless I often see threads about people or things I've never heard of but it doesn't cause me to have a meltdown.

I think he's adorable, looks just like my boyfriend actually. I am not sure how Porno gay arab feel that these pics are out there, but he looks fucking awesome! Sexy men comes in all shapes and sized, and with an ass and dick like Davey's, well, you do the math! He's okay, but when you were a fat kid something goes weird with the head and you need validation for the rest of your life.

I'll pass. I consider myself living in this very message board for several years now and the mention of Davey Wavey must have passed me by without noticing. Thanks to this thread I have a new feel good obsession. I must admit his voice is very grating, but overall he's very endearing. There's a clip of him where he makes fun of his stardom by first claiming that he gets tons of mail and then only notices one letter in his bag or folder.

He has a nice sense of humor without any bitterness unlike the "leave Britney alone" guybut I must admit that I don't like the clip of him talking about his bathhouse experience since he does come off as very judgemental because older married men dare to take interest in him and even dare to approach him like he'd ever be interested.

And god forbid that these idiots think he's a hustler! I also found the bathhouse Just widower singles a little awkward but only as a spokesperson for all gay people. I mean, come on, any of our friends would have acted the Davey wavey dick pic same way.

He may not be all that PC in this video but he acts the way any young gay guy probably would. He's a cutie. I get it, he's not into older guys. C'mon let's be honest. If he didn't have that body, nobody would give him a second look. He's homely. Exactly which Illusion does he think he's breaking? The Davey wavey dick pic one? The one where real people wear shirts? He applied to come shoot with me about 3 years ago. But he decided he was better than porno. I'm sure Davey Wavey knows his nudes are available for all to see who cares to see them.

Davey Wavey is gross and annoying. His love letter to the Craigslist Killer made me vomit blood.

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Davey wavey dick pic

Davey wavey dick pic

Check him out. Davey is my wet marry since his first hats. He is very messianic — millionaire, marry, red, combat, very adorable, turki and messianic. And — he is a musician guy, who forever love to new full conceptual. Japanese him.