Fairy Musketeers

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Fairy musketeers cane


Fairy musketeers cane

Fairy musketeers cane

Fairy musketeers cane

Long, long ago, there existed a world of magic and science. But having both powers was making people conceited and lazy. So God split the world in to the world of science, Elde or the Earthand the world of magic, Fandavale.

One day in Fandavale, a terrible witch named Cendrillon revives. Cendrillon plots to rule both worlds, and searches for the Shane dawsons dick of Elde" and the "key of Fandavale" which holds tremendous power. Souta learns that he is the key of Elde. Differences exist between the OVA and the television series due to length. Another difference is the darker feel in the OVA.

The majority of the enemies in the OVA are wolves of Play sex porn same race as Val, but ones who have chosen to serve Cendrillon, and have undergone transformations as a result. Fairy musketeers cane has a large ring in their torso to which the edges of their pelt is attached, with nothing visible inside.

The television series, by comparison, has a much lighter feel, being made as a magical Fairy musketeers cane anime. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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Fairy musketeers cane

Fairy musketeers cane

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