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Female face pictures


Female face pictures

Female face pictures

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Ah, the elusive female orgasm. We don't always talk about it, and not all of us have experienced it, but it deserves our love and appreciation nonetheless.

Agreeing with an earlier submission pixtures Bored PandaBrazilian photographer Marcos Alberti is aiming to break up the dense fog surrounding the world of female Female face pictures, and is celebrating it in all its glory with The O Project - a steamy series featuring photos of women pichures all around the world before and after fave orgasm.

Each model was given a 'Smile Maker' and left to do her thing, and the 4 frames of each finished pun intended piece show the changes in their expressions as they reach the climax of pleasure, then ease into final relief.

You might want to make sure the 'coast is clear' over your shoulders before scrolling down, because here you'll find some of our favorite chapters of The O Project. As always, be comfortable with yourself, and don't let anyone shame you for what comes naturally again, pun really intended.

Marcos Alberti Report. I know this is weird but I tend to keep a totally straight face, so this is cool to see how other people fzce. This comment is hidden. Click here to view. I think, it's about showing that female orgasms do NOT look like as orgasms shown in porn. Considering this, I agree that these pics help to normalize female sexuality. Bored Panda works best Actress full nude images you switch to our Android app.

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Please check link and try again. Before Bored Panda, pictuers worked as a social media manager and freelance graphic designer. I am not prude at all, but this makes me uncomfortable. I also feel like a woman's face in the height of passion, is something very personal, and its not something that should be cheapened by exploitation. Omg, that is my favorite kind of porn: Men's O faces. I'm a woman. Absolutely my fave. See BeautifulAgony dot com. That site pioneered this idea a decade ago.

But it's a short video, not just still pictures. Only the face shown; shoulders on up. Female face pictures man or a women. By Femael.

And you can hear their voices. The site prizes people acting as natural as they can; no acting. I only watch the men, because that's my thing. Fface thing ever. Why would people be "terrified" of men's O faces? They are gorgeous and fascinating, and the best thing about sex with a man is seeing how his face is registering pleasure at what you're doing with him. I think I understand what you're trying to say, but the point of normalizing women's sexuality is to untie it from men's.

Women can pleasure themselves and each other and have absolutely zero to do with a man's sexuality, and that is the point. Which is not to say that showing men's O faces is a bad idea - it can show a pretty wonderful vulnerability that is important for men to connect with, and for everyone to acknowledge. I just don't think it would do all that much for women's sexuality, just as the above was never framed for men's enjoyment. Want to "help normalize female sexuality"? Begin to change the frigging focus to Cougar dating in michigan for a change.

That will bring balance. Men's expressions and moans are damn sexy. I'm tired of the gaze being on women's faces all the time, as Best totally free asian dating sites object to be consumed.

And I'm checking that website. Thanks girl! Uh, I have a face like a bulldog's ass. I wouldn't want to see my own O face, safe bet nobody else would either, lol. And that's the problem with the current progression of sexual ideas. There are none. As long as people remain afraid to talk about it or embrace it, it's going to keep being a perverted practice instead of being a respected and unifying aspect of the human race.

Normalizing it, requires talking about it, in all of it's forms, not just what people want. I disagree with the idea that seeing a similar article about men would be terrifying, but the rest of your comment is very on point imo. Female face pictures you are so correct! Social media has created this BUT here we are talking about it at least we can voice our Redhot dateline local I don't know you and we are communicating our thoughts : I totally agree with you!

Guys look like they are man, Fmale pain, or being electrocuted when the cum. I totally disagree. Faces are the best part by far. It makes you "uncomfortable" and you think men's faces during orgasm are "terrifying"? I understand your point, but first, this isn't necessarily exploitation.

Nothing in those pictures is framed to please or arouse someone else. It's a portrait of someone doing something. Yes, the result is influenced by the fact that the women know they are being photographed, but that doesn't mean it's less authentic.

It's not portrayed as being anything else than what it is: women having consented to have their picture taken as they orgasm. There is informed consent, there had to have been a comfortable and safe setting for it to happen - there's nothing in it that says exploitation, other than the association we usually make with female sexuality - that if it is displayed in any way, Femake for someone else's enjoyment.

There is no nudity. They're not watching the objective as they orgasm. That is what is Female face pictures to normalize - women's sexuality as the sexuality of women, not that for men's Prison inmate pen pal sites. It's amazing to see what makes people uncomfortable, these days.

An orgasm is also authentic, assuming you really had one. If they were masturbating or had a device do help them reach the climax, that is. It's one of those things you can't fake I mean the expressions during it, since it's a powerful experience with inner picyures manifestations.

It's not exploitation if they agreed to do it. If you have problems, so be it. They didn't picthres those and it's their call to feel if that is exploitation or not.

The male orgasm is not really elusive. I mean, Chat to strangers without registration know Girl neck tattoos tumblr guy is finishes, whereas in the case of women that is not really true, considering they fake them Female face pictures. That's why the word elusive is used and you would be surprised how many fake orgasms on a regular basis, if you don't already know that.

I didn't find it arousing at all as a male. It was a fun experience and I enjoyed seeing their faces. And they had fun - it was literally an orgasmic experience. And if a woman did it, would it be different? Picturse said if a guy did it but do you realize they agreed to it? They are adults and they had a choice. They signed up for it. It's their choice. Yeah, no one's gonna click it if a guy did it.

No one cares really and that's the sad truth. Honestly, there wasn't pictues arousal from these images because it's like they all looked so strange during the process Female face pictures after it's like so goofy. Clair you are need of a moral compass Good day

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Female face pictures

Female face pictures

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