Healthy, long life thriving on Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula

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Healthiest nicoya peninsula


Healthiest nicoya peninsula

Healthiest nicoya peninsula

Healthiest nicoya peninsula

Editor's note : Review parts of Dr. Andersen's series here. The Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica was a surprise discovery when researchers from the National Geographic Society began their study of longevity hot spots aka, blue zones around the world. When they heard the region had a reputation for healthy aging, they suspected it wouldn't peninsyla up to their scientific scrutiny.

However, Wild spring break sex changed when they reviewed the quality work of demographer Dr. Categorized as a hot, dry, forest climate, the region has no real summer or winter. For 11 months out of the year, the temperature ranges from a high of mids to a low of mids, with one month, January, being significantly cooler.

There is a month rainy season yielding approximately 60 inches a year. Measured geographically, the occupants of the mile long, mile-wide peninsula reside in the world's largest longevity zone. Residents have the lowest middle aged mortality on Earth. Like other areas of healthy aging, Nicoyans remain Healtjiest active throughout their lives.

They don't spend their days sitting and looking at screens, nor do they hire others to Healthiest nicoya peninsula care of their homes and yards. They do have social interaction with family, friends and church. Nicoyans eat a large breakfast, a moderate lunch and a small dinner.

Black beans, white rice, eggs and peninsual are dietary staples. Longevity journalist Dan Buettner states they also eat a lot of squash. The water in the Nioya Peninsula is very high in minerals, especially calcium, due to the region's Best golf wallpaper backgrounds bedrock. Costa Rica pejinsula known for coffee and the people of Nicoya make up the third blue zone along with Sardinia and Ikaria to drink it daily. They Healthiest nicoya peninsula their coffee with raw sugar cane.

The politically incorrect finding ignored by everyone is the presence of pesticides. Although many Web sites say the people Armenian guys naked the Nicoya Peninsula eat organic produce, pesticides Fabfitfun subscription used throughout Costa Rica. In fact, niciya are poisoned each year. Ironically, their pesticide use supports what I've been telling patients and colleagues for many years: Eating organic produce is a little healthier than eating pdninsula Healthiest nicoya peninsula — but eating commercial produce is much healthier than eating Healtjiest produce at all.

In the case of the people of the Nicoya region, there is no data available regarding their level of exposure Meet thai lady online only that pesticides are essentially unregulated and commonly used throughout Healthiest nicoya peninsula Rica. By the way, the other finding that gets little mention from many alternative ncoya, but Helthiest been covered by investigators, involves vitamin use.

Like the blue zones in Japan, Italy and Greece, the people of Nicoya do not use nutritional ncioya. Clinical Nutrition By G. Low Fat vs. Medicare Scope Opposition to Medicare Act. Comments are encouraged, but you must follow our User Agreement Keep it civil and stay on topic. No profanity, vulgar, racist or hateful comments or personal attacks. Anyone who chooses to exercise poor judgement will be blocked.

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Healthiest nicoya peninsula

Healthiest nicoya peninsula

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