What 10,000 Steps Will Really Get You

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How far will 10000 steps take you


How far will 10000 steps take you

How far will 10000 steps take you

What about the time it would take them to complete a full marathon? The taller you are the longer stride length you have. The longer average stride length you Omegle gay nude, the How far will 10000 steps take you you can travel with less steps. While quite the opposite happens for shorter individuals. This is why shorter individuals rack up higher step counts in a miles distance compared to taller individuals.

The pace at which you are moving also affects your distance. Calculating distance for different individuals can cause confusion. We noticed that when our users were competing in our journey challenges they were often confused and frustrated How far will 10000 steps take you their opponents had fewer steps but seemed to be farther along in the journey.

We wanted to create a tool that would help to eliminate the confusion when it comes to steps and distance. Understanding your activity levels is important to getting a better picture Trans app your overall health.

How much ground do you cover with 10, steps? How many steps and how long would it take you to complete a marathon? Facebook Comments. About Latest Posts. Stridekick is an online and mobile platform that allows individuals to create and join fun fitness challenges regardless of which wearable device they own or level of fitness. Join a community of other health minded individuals in stepping towards your health goals today!

Author: Stridekick. Published: September 14, Categories: Fitness.

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How far will 10000 steps take you

How far will 10000 steps take you

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