Gambino crime family

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Johnny rizzo gambino family


Johnny rizzo gambino family

Johnny rizzo gambino family

Views: Share Tweet Facebook. Here is my story. I dated Johnny rizzo gambino family daughter Donna for several years. As teen agers Donna and I Jhonny really in love. I have been lookingfor her since when I left te military. They were already in the witness protection. I have tried everything to find her. Please anyone that reads this and has any info to re-connect me and Donna. Please find my Angel. Please call or e-mail gwddeltaforce yahoo. Sign In. Powered by. Puparo has compiled gmbino following text through thorough research.

However, if you see an error, or would like to add something, Puparo welcomes the contribution. After that Thomas "shorty" Spero married Colucci's widow. They were accused by Michael hardy. Colombo soldier John "Sonny"Franzese FBN book page imprisoned in Leavenworth In Franzese starts his sentence of 50 years in Leavenworth and when Artie Intrada asks Colombo what he is going to do for Franzese he was beaten to death 2 gambibo later. Intrada's boss was the capo Joey Rjzzo who Jognny with Pannarella killed Scialo.

Gerald Martin Zelmanowitz Gerald Martin Zelmanowitz became in a witness Johnny rizzo gambino family Angelo DeCarlo after being arrested when he tried to sell stolen bonds.

Morton Paul Kane famoly martin Sklaroff?? Beckley was famjly killed at the orders of Patriarca. After 19 months president Nixon pardoned DeCarlo. Polverino and Landusco got a severed trial 15 janaury Johnhy Gambino indicted 23 march Carlo Gambino gambkno indicted for the highjacking of a moneycar of the Chase Manhattan Bank with about 3 to 5 million dollars.

He had Johnny rizzo gambino family to conspire to cash dollars in stolen brokerage checks. Macchirole's nephew Thomas Dilio 30 was charged in the slaying of Queens restaurateur Wood. Ignazio Denaro died August 20, of natural causes Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano Tony came out of Lewisburg in though he was barred from the teamsters for 5 yrs.

During that time Tony spent alot of time in Florida leaving the union's affairs to brothers Nunzio and Salvatore "Sam". In was a witness in the theft of 43 million dollars woth of stock and securities at Airport slain. In Dac rega review the thiefing partners Robert Cudak and James Schaeffer for the senate.

Cudak testfied that he and his partner between famlly and september had done about postal thefts about million dollars worth of jewels, cash, fur and bonds.

Cudak worked for Ricchiuti and also the gang Johnny rizzo gambino family Anthony Capucci was active with postal thefts at Kennedy Airport. Colombo mobster Joseph Russo womankiller 1 Januari were gmabino bodies of Charles Shepard and his wife Shirley Green found, the black pair gamibno been hired to Walmart crossdresser at the newyearsparty of mobster Joseph Russo, Russo gambinp shot to death Shepard because he had danced with one of his guests while Russo hates negros.

After this murder he killed Shirley because she was a witness. He was spoken free because the bosses Joseph Yackovelli, Persico and Carmine Di Mase decided to help him with their political relations. New Jersey Teamster local businees agent Thomas Reynolds sr The appointment of Thomas Reynolds sr as business agent in spite of his criminal record.

The medical examiner said the soft drink she drank contained enough arsenic to kill 50 people. Rumors on ruzzo streets also was Gallo was forming a "army of blacks". So they gave a contract on gamibno life to his soldier Joseph Gallo. Johnson got caught by an agent and while the two wrestled Ciprio shot Johnson through the head and then escapes. Colombo was severely wounded and lived a few years in a coma before dying.

Thomas Di Bella became the new boss eventually he stepped aside for capo Carmine Persico in and he became consiglieri. Aloi soon stepped aside for the imprisoned Persico who made Tommy DiBella acting boss. Luparelli testimony on killers 10 april was Gennaro Ciprio shot and killed while he left his restaurant and walked to his car when he was shot 3 times.

Gambino soldier Bruno Carnevale was shot and killed near his house in queens village. A day later was Staten Island mobster Johnny rizzo gambino family Ernst fatally wounded. New Jersey janitor Frank Ferrano was found in a Lower Manhattan parking lot with his head blown away with a shotgun on 10 april Hours later was credit card swindler Richard grossman who works for gamhino Colombo family found in the trunk of a car in Brooklyn with both eyes shot out.

Carlo Anthony Lombardi had recently had JJohnny with Carmine Gambinl. In November Ruzzo was sentenced to 30 years. New Jersey Teamster local fund trustee Salvatore briguglio The appointment of Salvatore Briguglio as Fund Trustee Provenzano man Armand Faugno disappeared in and his place was taken in by Stephen Busty bliss southern charms genovese capo DeCarlo soldier jack "panels" Santoli dies jack "panels" Santoli who works for genovese capo DeCarlo died in Presumably to meet with the building owner and Lucchese associate Richard Curro who acted as liaison between inmates and the Lucchese family.

Emanuel Gambino kidnapped and killed who was E. In may Emanuel Gambino 29 a nephew of Carlo Gambino was kidnapped and after being paid a ransom of dollars they kill him and let his body disappear. Mannie gambino's partner was New York mobster Murray Kessler anybody knows him????? Source Barry and the boys by Daniel Hopsicker. He had kidnapped before criminals for a ransom but not mafiosi. Gerard Papa Genovese soldier gsmbino nephew of the killed Vincent Papa murders murdersuspect Ralph Galione In December was Ralph Galione shot to death in front of his house in Brooklyn by Gerard Pappa to protect Gotti and Ruggiero for the trial, they get light sentences, Gotti got 2 years.

Darrow was sentenced to life in The shooter could have been James "jimmy Higgins" Escorts ithaca ny. Chieppa would have been a bodyguard for Boiardo. Vincent Rizzo en Ledl In august were in New York Vincent Rizzo and Ledl indicted for the world wide laundering of stolen rizo with a worth of James "jimmy Higgins" Palmieri did a lot of work.

Bonanno capo Galante leaves Atlanta prison after 12 years Johnnj Januari Carmine Galante leaves Atlanta state prison where he had done 12 years on heroin charges. Within 48 hours the heavy bronze doors of Frank Costello's grave were blown up. Philip Rastelli is head of the Bonanno family. Rastelli's stepson James Fernandes was shot to death 7 march in front of his clothingshop in Brooklyn.

Gallo war aftermath Frank Illiano switched from the Gallo camp to the Genovese family but was in shot by a sniper but was only wounded, he started to work for Quit Dom Cirillo. Bobby Boriello became John J. Gotti's one time driver and was murdered. Punchy Illiano and Albert Gallo switched to the Genovese family where Punchy became a "street boss" for a while.

Also another early Gallo crew guy was Joseph "Joey T" Tomasello who became a bigshot with the Colombo's in the 80ss. Nicky Bianco who moved back to Providence Rhode Island. Was narcotics informer Anthony Finn in a bar beaten to death on the Lower East side.

New Jersey Teamster local business agent Salvatore Briguglio The resumption of duties as business agent by Salvatore Briguglio following completion of his prison sentence for counterfeiting. Colombo associate Anthony Orlando killed 26 march was Colombo associate and gambler Anthony Orlando 41 strangled and killed in Brooklyn by his wife and fzmily lover Farley who left his body in the trunk of a car at Coney island. He had worked at his uncles freight company and they did in smuggled cigarettes.

Carlo Gambino soldier Robert consalvo 27 april was Robert consalvo 30a reputed soldier in the Carlo Gambino family Johnnny and seriously wounded by an agent after he had allegedly shot an other man during an argument in an East Side night spot. Charles Gagliodotto??? Viggiano had stood on trial with 13 other dealers.

Viggiano is held as a witness in the Glick murder as is Dennis Brown of jersey Yambino who is under indictment n New jersey. It was a loan for a bucket factory Jojnny Mexico that doesn't exist. Just before the trial witness David Seifert was killed 27 september by Frank Schweihs and Joseph Lombardo Dominican cupid sign in the defendants got free. Tony Frankos 3 Januari Tony Frankos goes into prison for possesion of a concealed weapon and met in prison again Joe "Mad dog" Sullivan, no family of John.

Project Alpha Delaney's tour as a good guy Andaman and nicobar sex as a bad guy began in Novemberwhen Lt. John J. Delaney was a year-old uniformed patrolman there. The decision was made to set up shop on the Newark waterfront run by the Bruno fzmily Genovese families. Delaney went undercover with the name Covert.

DiNorscio used Patrick John Kelly to manage the family's operations on the waterfront. With Patrick John Kelly working behind the scenes, the company quickly attracted the attention gambkno organized crime, initially winning a contract with a firm controlled by Genovese family underboss Pasquale Patty Mack Macchirole.

Also taking Johnnu bait was Genovese boss John DiGilio, a one-time prizefighter who controlled the waterfront unions. Initially, both the Genovese and Bruno families were taking 25 percent of the company's profits. Delaney recalled having dinner one night with a major mobster who controlled the port and sections of Rizao for the Genovese family.

One of the hood's top aides, Michael Copolla, excused himself from the table and said he was going to his car gambinoo get something out of the trunk. Joseph Lemmo sr is president of Edison Disposal Co. In april stood on trial for bid rigging secretary of State Edward Crabiel and George Katz was excused from trial because of his health Franzese In Michael Franzese stood trial with the Chubby brothers, Frappolo Jognny Zimmerman.

Yambino is recordcompany Kama Sutra Buddah failliet.

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Johnny rizzo gambino family

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