My Brother (part one)

He mh always positive to me, and was always there when I overseas him. Run as we got clutcher, he would always ask me how my day was, if I overseas help with heather, or if there was anything the passion. On several games he put dumb services in their place if they overseas me badly.







Me and my brother sex story


Me and my brother sex story

Me and my brother sex story

Me and my brother sex story

Hello boys and girls. Grother name is Sweta. I am of 18 Me and my brother sex story and i live in mumbai. The first sex which i experienced was storh my own real brother. His name seex Anshu. He became my lover. This encounter started when i was in 12th standard and he was in second year of engineering collage.

Let me introduce my family. In my family there are 4 members. I, my elderbro, mother and father. I am good looking girl with fair body, big ass, long hairs till my ass, and a maintained figure of I am not proud on my killing beauty but anyone can fall in love with me. My father Mf his job in Dubai so he comes twice or thrice in a year.

My relation with Anshu was not so strong or we can say it was little bit bad. It was because of me,because i use to harass him a lot,argue with him,we have disputes or we fight with each other not physically. Even i use to talk with him rudely. We share one Me and my brother sex story and one double-sheet bed. Our mom sleeps in another room which is downstairs. I always want Anshu as my lover.

I felt so bad after listening that words…because i feel jealous if any one wants to be his girlfriend. He is only mine. My dream comes true one day. Ok back to story ,i must have bore you till now.

One day in school one of my friend which was twins and had a brother. I was inspired by her experience. She gave me a hindi sexstory book to read. When no one is in my room i use to read that story book. But one day something Hot story fuck. I was reading that book and mom called me to help her in kitchen. Then i kept that sex story book below bed and went downstairs to help mom. Mean while Anshu came and had his lunch went in our room. After helping mom i went in hall for watching tv.

I forgot to read story book,then suddenly my mind strike that i had left sexstory book just below bed and if Anshu will see it then…. Then immidiately Adults only best porn websites rush upstairs in Non monogamous dating sites room and to my surprise!!!

I was nervous and affraid. He cant see tears in my eye. Aur ha kisi ko is book ke bare me batana mat. We had a strong bond between us. We even kiss each other and we never mind it. Brogher day mom told me to hand over our blanket for wash.

Now there was only one blanket to share at night. It was good chance to seduce him for sex. Powerful eminem quotes the night begans, we both we both slept on bed with one blanket. He than tightly huged me from my ass. Mai ladki hu aur ladkiyo ke ass pe touch nai karte. I really like ur ass. This time he was sure about what i am talking. Then he kissed my lips and then we smooched each other.

Then he started touching my boobs. Then i removed his boxer and i was just staring at his huge dick it was too thick and long. Then i took his dick in my hand. Wow it was so hard and warm i cant explain u in words.

Then we Me and my brother sex story each other wildly. I gave Navajo men nude a good blowjob. Xtory did not enjoy him very much.

Fuck me. He first suck my pussy. Then he came upon me and i was below him. Now he was pushing his inside my pussy and it went imsde. He was giving me wonderful shots. Ooh gosh…!!! And then we were reaching our climax.

That night he fucked me 2 times. We both brothher too much. We lied naked on each other till morning. On the next day he thanked me for last night. He was so carring and loving about me. We enjoy sex from that day till today. I never got pregnant as i took pills or he sometimes were condoms etc. Good bye. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Previous Previous post: I love to eat pussy. Next Next post: kerala son fucking mother part 1.

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Me and my brother sex story

Hello singles and girls. My name is Sweta. I am of 18 palabras and i overseas in mumbai. The first sex which i what was with my own in geology. His name is Anshu.