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Meetup kitsap


Meetup kitsap

Meetup kitsap

Note feel welcome to drop into any session! What is it? Specifically, it helps aspiring and repeat founders, corporate innovators, transitioning veterans and their families, digital nomads and students:. The program is the brainchild of Dave Parkera Seattle-based tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist and board advisory member at dozens of companies. The monthly 6 Month Startup Kitsap meetup format includes content, exercises, time to pitch, feedback from mentors and dinner. You will have homework.

The result of that homework will be the key to meeting with mentors at the next session. This is your startup and the pace at which you approach the homework is up to you, however, mentors require that you have a serious idea and are doing the work to merits their generosity of time and expertise. It is also meant to be a proving ground that investors, community leaders, and other champions can encourage and promote the startup ecosystem.

Working on your idea side by side with your colleagues may very well result in a relationship that leads to financing or a future business partner. The program is built for entrepreneurs across the board, not just technology startups.

See the program curriculum to see if your idea might be a good fit. Community members are also invited to participate who are committed to growing the startup ecosystem on Kitsap - with the express intent to give back, support, and Phone sex list. Investors and sponsors are always welcome as well.

You will be strongly encouraged to attend all six sessions as each session builds upon the previous ones. The work required by you is for your benefit to move your idea forward. We encourage you to not take your own personal time for granted nor the fellow founders and mentor time. If you have to miss a session, that is understood, but the expectation is that you come to learn and put the work in to succeed. Technology and business executives who have startup experience will be leading the program in Kitsap.

Founder Development is the process of helping early and first time founders through an experiential process learned from serial founders, MBA Entrepreneurship programs and investors. By accessible, I mean a reasonably priced program with reasonable frequency. Let's face it, if you are a "Starter," you need to spend resources on proving your idea not paying for things you don't need at least yet!

Also, you shouldn't be leaving your day job until you prove the idea is worth your time and effort. Founder Development is all about you and how you think. The process will confirm that you have a solid idea and have talked with enough potential customers to have validated that idea. You'll take the What to say in boyfriends birthday card six months to define and refine your idea, understand how to make money and make Meetup kitsap informed decision if you should leave your day job or not.

The monthly meetup format has content, exercises, time to pitch, feedback from mentors and dinner. You will have monthly deliverables - the result of that work will be the key to meeting with mentors at the next session.

This is your startup and the pace at which you approach the work is up to you, however, mentors require that you have a serious idea and you're doing the work to get their time. Skip to content. Passion is important but not sufficient!

If you're looking to scale your idea into something that is fundable or can create a lifestyle to support you and your family. There is a lot you can learn about what makes both good and bad ideas - and don't believe the quote, "Ideas don't matter, only execution matters.

How should you think about your target customer and target market? Is it big enough? How will you get to it and do you have the runway to make it successfully? While you will be doing the work, it is all about being honest with yourself, surrounding yourself with great people, and achieving success.

Month Two — Customer Development, Competitive and Awkward Co-Founder Discussions Customer Development is the process of systematically interviewing potential customers for feedback that will inform your product priorities and decisions. When you complete this section, this will be a method you take forward and use in every idea and company that you launch.

You will learn to be an expert in Customer Development. Awkward Co-Founder Discussions is the talk about commitment, equity, and contribution of Ebaum pictures and capital that you need to have before you incorporate. It will never get easier to have these discussions.

Scale and vision are great, but you have to survive long enough to get to scale. Narrowing your focus for launch is key — you only have so Meetup kitsap in terms of resources, time, engineering, and capital. Remember, constraints are actually a good thing. For example: Services Subscription Marketplace Marketing — you need to start building a customer list and target customer s Meetup kitsap you ship your product.

Again, not unique. What are you required to ship to provide a useful solution to your customer? What one thing do you want to prove with your MVP? If the product was going to fail, why would it fail? This will include design. It Meetup kitsap be as simple as a powerpoint deck that looks like a mobile app or website and it may be an enterprise software solution.

What is Product Market Fit and how do you know you have it? Product market fit is when you have mapped your minimum India royale age product to the customer needs that you have discovered and you have fulfilled that value promise. Based on the complexity of your product, this may be as simple version 1.

Revenue — will your customers pay for your product? What other key metrics should you be Taboo charming mother sub These are the same metrics that investors will be asking you for when you ask for cash. Scaling Up or Turning Off is the point of decision — should you pursue this idea and project, should you pivot in another direction with the same market or should you put this idea to rest and go after a new idea?

Looking forward to meeting you there! Who should attend? Founders or Starters - if you're an aspiring Starter and want to confirm if your idea is worthwhile before you leave your day job. Can you go faster than 6 months? Of course, but it will likely still take you some time to validate your ideas and work through the process - we're here to support you, either way, whether you have just the glimpse of an idea or if you already have product and revenue.

Potential Co-Founders - do you want to join a startup or are you looking for potential co-founders? You'll likely find them here. Corporate Innovators - if you're looking to put some structure to your corporate goals - plus get to meet potential employees who like innovation.

Students - if you want to learn a process and structure to think about your ideas or the ideas of companies, you might consider joining in the future! Killing bad ideas quickly if great, failing fast is dumb.

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Meetup kitsap

Meetup kitsap

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