The bar New Fantasy Club at Costa Rica, Provincia San José, San José

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New fantasy san jose


New fantasy san jose

New fantasy san jose

New fantasy san jose

At ZB and Idem, they have a bar, so you can sit and talk a little before deciding on the girl you want: 1. Ring the door buzzer HLH 2. Walk in towards the front desk 3. Say hello and walk through the door just to the right of the desk and walk all the way to the back and up a few stairs to the bar, you'll see people in there. Act like you've done it before, I've never been asked anything at the desk, Redtube johnny sins there was a guy a few months ago that was asked what he wanted and when he said "massage", he was told no massages and he left.

If you get asked anything and you won'tjust say you are going to the bar. Walk into the bar, grab a stool, order a drink, and check out the ladies who are sitting along the walls in the bar 5. When you see somebody you like you can walk over and talk to her, maybe ask her to have a drink with you at the bar 6.

Once she comes over, talk a little to get a sense of her attitude and personality. Once you are sure that she's the one you want to hook up with, ask her for a "massage". She will lead you to the front desk to pay, and then to one of the rooms If she's Pamela from what I hearshe'll get on her knees and start to blow you as soon as the door closes.

The shower depends on the girl, I've had some where we shower together and she soaps me down and vice versaand I've had ones where we took turns. If you definitely want to shower together, you can bring that up when talking to her in the bar. The showers are right New fantasy san jose the rooms at ZB so you don't have to leave the room, unless you take a sauna or steam.

After the shower, she will probably ask if you want a massage first. Some of them are really good giving real massages. Michelle gives a really good real massage. Some advice : Go in there, act like a gentleman, remember you're representing CRT especially as a VIPtreat the girls with respect They are peopleand have a great fucken time.

Last edited by Orange on Thu Apr 09, pm, edited 3 times in total. Joined: Tue May 17, pm Posts: Mk, Typically, you don't opt for an hour session as opposed to half hour New fantasy san jose for the reason being to "try for seconds. If you are one who has the ability to pop twice within one hour, and it is your desire to do so Joined: Mon Mar 28, am Posts: Mkhobby03 wrote: Just curious -- when you buy an hour vs.

Like Zebra said, it depends on the girl. You should ask before hand. At ZB, you get a chance to interact in the bar before going to the room, so ask. Joined: Thu Apr 06, am Posts: 28 Great post!

I will try it in May on my first trip to C. Joined: Mon Mar 28, am Swinger couples free videos Enjoy. Xman and X-man, I'm so confused X-MAN wrote: Great post! Another X-Man?!?!?? I can't keep up with the "original' Xman. Nothing like step by step instructions to enable someone me, in this case to act the part.

If you don't mind, what are the odds of one of them being able to speak some english I've got about 20 spanish words down, but only about 3 will ever do me any good? Language is not as big an issue as one might think. Joined: Sun Apr 25, am Posts: Location: northeast texas A quick note on some of the local places, Many have half hour sessions or an hour if you wish.

It can be New fantasy san jose good idea to go in and wait in the sitting area for a while as often even though you may not see any desireable girl on walking in she may be busy. If you observe that is exactly what the locals do.

Also, there is a wall with a one-way mirror in Girls in cars tumblr in front of the entrance to the chica sitting area.

Presumably, that is so you can check them out without them being able to see you, though I don't know why that should matter. However, the mirror doesn't work too well given the relative lighting and its like looking through a window with a very dark tint. Here's the Dirty tinder mature don't be shy and just take a peek around either corner so you can get a decent look.

I know some guys who will even walk around and sit with the chicas, but, while acceptable, that doesn't seem to be the usual. For my part, I don't need to sit with the chicas because I usually know who I'm looking for when I go in there from past sessions or recommendations.

One can also discuss options with your pick once she heads back with you to show you the room and facilities and change your choice for another or none at all if you find she is not agreeable to what you had in mind. Again, for my part I'm not into anything so unusual that it isn't normally available, except perhaps that a few will only do CBJ's, a dealbreaker for me and one which I quickly determine as soon as the girl stands up and comes over to me.

I doubt there is anything they haven't heard. OTOH, if you have a particular girl in mind based on a recommendation from this board then either he or his barmaid can still be helpful to point you in the right direction.

So if you want to take a shower first either be prepared for dealing with your stuff while you're out of the room and walking down the halll wrapped in a towel or take your shower back at your hotel room immediately before you head over to the MP in the first place. At many places where you leave the room to shower, though certainly not all, the chica has a key and locks the room up while you both are out of it though I don't see how that is any guarantee there isn't another copy and you can either try to keep one eye on her while she waits outside the shower to towel you off when you are done or to take her turn or better yet while she is in the shower with you.

At NF, the key is on a rubber bracelet which the chica gives you and you can put around your wrist while the 2 of you are out of the room. Now hope about some protocols for sauna and steamroom etiquette? Do you just go solo and settle for a relaxing few minutes of steam or sauna?

Do Rockland dark red rum have your chica join you? Are you an exhibitionist and do you have her continue with that BJ when another couple enters the chamber? Assuming the chica isn't modest enough herself to stop whatever she was doing Do you say "oh Phuck, they had to show up and screw things up" and head back to the room to finish what you started?

Or do you say "Damn, I really wanted that steam-blow" and try to wait the other couple out, hoping they leave first rarely seems to happen? If another couple is already in there, do you still head in? Or do you say "Damn, I really wanted that steam-blow but they were there first" and then give them their privacy and try again after your session instead? Last edited by Prolijo on Sun Apr 15, pm, edited 1 time in total.

It's been a year since I went to ZB, but I didnot know abot any sauna or steam. Is it new? Posted: Fri Apr 06, pm.

Posted: Sat Apr 07, am. Posted: Sun Apr 08, am. Just curious -- when you buy an hour vs. Mk, Typically, you don't opt for an hour session as opposed to half hour session for the reason being to "try for seconds.

Great post! Posted: Sun Apr 08, pm. Posted: Mon Apr 09, pm. Posted: Tue Apr 10, am. Great just what I need. X out. Posted: Thu Apr 12, am. Thanks Orange! A quick note on some of the local places, Many have half hour sessions or an hour if you wish.

Bring back the Muff. Posted: Sun Apr 15, pm. Posted: Wed Apr 25, pm. Advertisements by Advertisement Management. All times are UTC. Page 1 of 4. Previous topic Next topic. Post subject: Posted: Sat Apr 07, am. Golden shower? Not a Newbie I just don't post much! Post subject: Posted: Sun Apr 08, am. Mkhobby03 wrote: Just curious -- when you buy an hour vs. Just Learning The Gulch!

Post subject: Posted: Sun Apr 08, pm. Mucho Gusto. Post subject: Posted: Mon Apr 09, pm. Post subject: Posted: Tue Apr 10, am. Masters Degree in Mongering! Post subject: Posted: Thu Apr 12, am. CR Virgin - Newbie! Post subject: Posted: Sun Apr 15, pm. Post subject: Posted: Wed Apr 25, pm.

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New fantasy san jose

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