What to Do If Your Partner Has Lost Interest in Sex

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No sex drive in marriage


No sex drive in marriage

The Social Spot Politics Religion. NNo Deals Dadstartingover. OR Remember Me? OldAM Thread Starter. I am a wife with no sex drive and a frustrated husband. I'm posting because after a lot of browsing and searching I haven't found something quite like my situation, so hope to get some input from you guys. I don't know how to briefly set this up, but I'm going to try. My libido is quite low, but has never been NOT low, not even in past relationships or on my own.

My husband is unhappy with the infrequent sex, specifically to the fact that he has to practically beg for it and wait and wait until I want it enough dirve say yes. I never initiate, and that bothers him. Personally, I'm satisfied with our frequency of sex, but I'm not happy that he's unsatisfied, unhappy, and feeling unwanted.

This is a new concept to me because until very recently I felt his sexual demands were unreasonable and selfish We're both overweight, and possibly due to Frank mason iii mock draft weight and fitness level, we only ever have sex with me on top.

This makes me feel a little bitter and jealous that he always gets to "lay back and take it," which I want to be able to do sometimes. When he tries to be on top, it usually fails his position keeps slipping and he starts to lay on me rather than just being over No sex drive in marriage Bdsm jung we have to switch back to the usual position, so now I think he's insecure about branching out.

I noticed that often suggestions are made to "frustrated chumps" to make sure they do some non-sex-expecting touching and flirting to keep sexual tension up, and my husband does not do this. I do it to him because I think it's fun, but for whatever reason he does not do this to me and never really has. He gets involved in his solo hobbies during our free time together, so we don't connect much, especially not physically. I think he may No sex drive in marriage sensitive and even when I try to broach this gently it goes the wrong way.

He thinks something is wrong with my libido and that I am trying to blame him for that. If all I need to do to increase my libido is to "train" it by setting reminders and getting my lazy butt up and initiating sex, I might be able to do it. Granted, I can't get myself to go exercise so I'm not positive But I DO feel insecure and unattractive and want my husband to pay physical attention to me without sex being right around the corner.

If I start doing sex like a chore just to "train" my marriagge, won't ij continue with his same patterns, se won't I start to resent him? Honestly I can be very sensitive, defensive, and illogical at times, so I want to see what people think. How can I broach this topic with him without "picking a fight," and how much should I be changing the take:give ratio? The thing is, because of my depression issues, I think it could take a couple years before I'm a healthy and fit person, and that's if I work hard un it all the time and experience no setbacks.

Well, hopefully this post isn't a tl;dr and is coherent and detailed enough for people to get what I'm saying I'm just looking for some outside and safely anonymous perspective and maybe some guidance. San jose asian girls this Post! Add to del. Quick Reply. Remove Advertisements. OldAM. Re: I am a wife with no sex drive and a frustrated husband. Have you had your hormone levels checked by a doctor?

Are you on hormonal BC? Posted via Mobile Device. Shaggy is offline. Good point. I am on a hormonal birth control and have been on hormonal birth control since I was around I haven't had them checked.

Have talked to doctors about my libido but that was never suggested. Perhaps if my health insurance is covered, I can do that.

You know, I think people are always surprised when they finally start to understand that desire for sex can be affected by many different things. Somehow, we are conditioned to just expect that our desire will always Does eharmony cost money to use plentiful and that sex will always be easy.

But, like anything, it takes some commitment and dedication and drivr. As women, one of the biggest differences between us and men is that our hormonal profiles are totally different. As women, we don't have the luxury of having that much of the hormone to help us out, so there usually needs to be other factors that will compel us.

What do you think would compel you? Here's a list of things for you to consider that could be impacting your desire. There are any number of physical things, emotional things, and relational things that can impact it.

Low sex drive in women: Causes - MayoClinic. So would embarking on a health 'kick' - doesn't have to be huge. Just start out slow and small - maybe even grab your H and take a walk together, holding hands every night. Next, just set a time when you will try and initiate with your husband.

Maybe it's every Saturday night. Try different positions - one of the best if you have some extra weight is to try 'spooning'. You can lay on your sides so no weight is on either ddrive you. He can enter from behind and you can be positioned at an angle for best penetration. You can also experiment with him on top sex if you add additional aex or support under your hips to provide a higher angle of entry.

I think you are wonderful for caring enough to try and seek solutions. Best wishes. Enter these enchanted woods, You who dare. Enchantment is offline. OldPM. Dex you step up and get the sexual frequency to something resembling a reasonable level, you are positioning yourself as his enemy and creating resentment within your husband. It is unreasonable to expect that he is going to initiate loads of non-sexual touching with you while he's starved for sex.

If you were starving for food, would you be content to fondle cake or smell ice cream? I'm not sure why your libido is low but despite your low libido, you did enter into a marriage, an institution which requires sexual intercourse.

People who are No sex drive in marriage of horses aren't ideal candidates for jockeys and maybe shouldn't sign up to be one. The good news is our feelings can change. We must justify each of our actions to ourselves. That means that every time you deny your husband, you reenforce the idea that you don't like sex. Every time you Spartacus porno yourself act wex, you reenforce the idea that sex is a healthy, natural part of your marriage.

KanDo likes this. Sawney Beane. Originally Posted by Noo View Post. Sawney Beane is offline. OldPM Thread Starter. Thanks to Enchantment and unbelievable for the advice, and Sawney for the additional xrive.

As I suspected, it seems my perceptions of sex and relationships is off somehow. I'm guessing because of my background and past relationships. But I certainly won't make it out to be a chore, because that won't be helpful for anyone.

Still gonna look into getting my hormone levels checked. Thanks again for the honest advice! I suppose it all depends on where one wishes to focus responsibility. Nobody "makes" her be a wife. That is a choice she willingly made as an adult.

A new mother has to feed her baby. That doesn't mean the baby "makes" her and it would be wrong of her to resent or blame the ih who never asked to be born. The baby didn't ask her to become a mother. That was the choice of the mother.

The OP's husband didn't ask for a sex drive and he never agreed to enter into a sexless union. She's hardly a victim when she's expected to perform the bare minimum service expected of every spouse. This wasn't a surprise sprang upon her after her nuptials.

There is no legal requirement for all adult females to be married. That's not what she's signed up for. If you were starving for food, would you be content to fondle cake or smell ice cream.

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No sex drive in marriage

No sex drive in marriage

No sex drive in marriage

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