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Saints row 2 julius death


Saints row 2 julius death

Marked for cleanup since because: This article requires references to specific missions. Dexter Jackson [7]. Raycaster daeth. Kinchen SR2 [9]. Dex appears to be the voice of reason amongst the other lieutenants and is a superb tactician and would rather plan than just going in guns blazing, which he tries to talk a trigger happy Johnny ASints out of doing. During Saints Row 2Dex now works as the Head of Security for Ultor and is a successful millionaire, [14] leaving behind his life as a gang member.

He doesn't appear in person during the game, but is mentioned a couple of times, [15] [14] and the player is required to phone him to Bonnie family guy wiki the mission Revelationwhich leads to Dex betraying both Playa and Julius after luring them there.

Dex doesn't appear in Saints Row: The Third. In the Saints row 2 julius death spin-off Saints Row: Money Shothe is assassinated by Upload sex movie female assassin working for Ultor named Cypher.

Dex was one of the people Allhotindians by gang violence spreading throughout Stilwater and thus joined the gang formed by Julius Littlethe 3rd Street Saints, to rid the city of its chaotic state. Dex appeared to be the voice of reason amongst Little 's lieutenants. Dex is a superb tactician, but talk amongst the generic Saints gang members that wander the streets indicate that few Saints believe that Dex deserved his post and there was concern that Dex might have eventually challenged Julius Little for control of the gang.

He called Troy Bradshaw after this happened, telling him that he knew Troy was a cop and he was out of the Saints, and wanted to make sure he and Troy Saits have a problem jylius to Troy being able to arrest him. Playa visits the police Nigeria dating site in london and listens to the conversations that were taped. He finds out that it was Julius who put the bomb on Alderman's boat. He also finds Dex's file containing his phone iulius.

Playa calls Dex and he tells Playa to come meet Vegan dating service at the church so that they can get rid of Julius. After a conflict between Julius and Playa, a smoke bomb is thrown through the church's window. Playa successfully protected Gryphon from Dex's assassination attempt. Then Gryphon informed Playa that Dex is selling toxic waste to illegal buyers.

Playa, with help from Ultor security, succeeded in stopping Saints row 2 julius death plan. Dex felt the heat closing in on him Saintts asked for an immediate transfer to another Ultor branch. Gryphon again informed Playa that Dex Saints row 2 julius death and Salnts he couldn't do anything. However, Playa still wanted to hurt Dex hard and Gryphon came up with a plan. While Gryphon is standing on the lighthouse informing Playa of any of Dex's acquaintances walking around, Playa killed them.

After this happened, Playa said he would find out which city Dex ran to and to get him. Dex's days of hiding have finally come to an end. After Average nude women his present location, Ultor dispatches a professional female assassin named Cypher to take him out.

Using some very sophisticated sniper technology, Cypher makes her move on Dex in the midst of his big corporate birthday party; swiftly disposing of him with a bullet to the head.

Dex is already dead, and can be killed by Johnny Gat or Kinzie Kensington during their attack on Hell. Dex resembles a normal undead Civilian wearing Dex's hat, and randomly spawns around New Hades and appears on the minimap. The first few times he spawns, Dex is unarmed and alone. After that, he has a firearm julis demon allies, starting with Imps and getting stronger demons with each kill. After being killed 6 times, he spawns with 2 Legionnaires.

After being killed the 7th time, this resets and Dex goes back to spawning alone and unarmed, and he continues to spawn indefinitely, with the upgrade cycle repeating. He only receives additional firepower and allies when he is killed, if his demon followers are killed, but he is left alive, he does not upgrade his followers. Killing Dex's Legionnaires is an easy way to Saintz the "Kill Legionnaires" challengebut he may spawn with his extra demons at an inconvenient time.

At max Notoriety when an Archduke spawns, Dex is removed along with all the other demons. In the Shawarma cutscene after completing City TakeoverDex is in fetal position, still being tormented. Check the Character to-do list for ways to improve Character articles. Dex in Shawarma cutscene after completing City Takeover. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article contains some unconfirmed information regarding Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. Always check sources of information.

Pre-release information from developers is often inaccurate or misleading. Some facts on this page may be incomplete or outdated. Verify everything and add proof, such as references and screenshots. Remove this header once you have verified everything is correct. Contents [ show ]. Dex during the mission Crack Down. Dex in the Calm Before the Storm cutscene. Dex arguing with Julius in Strength in Numbers. Dex during the mission What Goes Up Dex about to be shot dead in Saints Row: Money Shot. Dex shot dead.

Saints Row: Money Shot. See Help:Cite. Online dating sites for the disabled in Saints Row. Characters in Saints Row 2. In categories :. Cancel Save. Dex in Saints Row. Dex in Corporate Warfare. Dex in Saints Row: Money Shot. Dex in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.

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Saints row 2 julius death

Saints row 2 julius death

Saints row 2 julius death

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