Sexless marriage

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Sexless marriage and divorce


Sexless marriage and divorce

She was never physically unfaithful to her husband Doug, but the cost in integrity matriage devastating. Finally the inevitable happened. She fell in love with one of her co-workers. Again, there was no physical infidelity, but hearts were involved.

This is one of the things I love about Bethany, no equivocation, but in this instance I thought she was being rash. That the survival of their marriage was at DefCon 5? How could she consider leaving a marriage to, as she fully admitted, a funny, kind, committed man? You mean, like, you have it once a month or so? And the last time we did it we had to get drunk and watch porn.

We have an Oedipal relationship. Just minus the sex. She is controlling and bossy and I can say that because so am I. There certainly was one place where Doug was the boss anf that was in the bedroom. He could control Bethany by Swxless. My assessment, not hers. If it happened to them it could happen to you. Over time I came to understand that in divorcing Doug, Bethany did something incredibly brave.

A passionless Sexless marriage and divorce. Not just sexlessbut passionless. We all need to Sexless marriage and divorce a passion. That was two years ago. Which leaves Sexpess for passion and possibility.

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Sexless marriage and divorce

Sexless marriage and divorce

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