Taiwan Reef Cichlid

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Taiwan reef african cichlid


Taiwan reef african cichlid

Taiwan reef african cichlid

Taiwan reef african cichlid

Common name: Taiwan Reef Cichlid. Feeding: Omnivore — Best thrives on specially made Eeotic Cichlid pellets or flakes. Breeding: Protomelas sp. Steveni Taiwan are maternal mouthbrooders like many of the African Cichlids. The male will entice a mate and as the female lays her eggs he will fertilize them. The process continues till all the eggs are fertilized and the female holds them in cochlid mouth for weeks during which time cuchlid does not eat.

This fish shows electric blue colouring around the head cichlix in parts across the body and fins with a yellow mid-section and underside. Protomelas sp. Steveni Taiwan — Taiwan Reef. Author: sinapresents. Search for:. Fish Plants Shrimp Snails Frogs. Fish Invertebrates Corals. Follow Us. Taiwan reef african cichlid type of fish do you keep? Okay, thanks.

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Taiwan reef african cichlid

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