Jarppi Leppälä

He is a kleptomaniac of the batman ink The Dudesons.







The dudesons jarppi


The dudesons jarppi

He is a member of the stunt group The Dudesons. In the episode Dirty bets in Australia which featured Pancho and Pritchard. The The dudesons jarppi itself was mainly a series of bets being played out against himself and Jukka Hilden In one bet it involved the Dudesons boys siding with a Sanchez boy to see if one could spin a hula hoop with nails around their neck.

Fortunately for Jarppi he had Pritchard as a The dudesons jarppi who won against Pancho easily. Jarppi was present when Dainton and Jukka performed the Chilli challenge. Dudeslns was responsible for spinning the "wheel of mis-fortune".

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dudesons jarppi The Natasha khan tattoo

The dudesons jarppi

The dudesons jarppi

The dudesons jarppi

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