Guys, This Could Be Why Women Seem To Think You're Boring

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Too boring for a girlfriend


Too boring for a girlfriend

Thread: Am I too boring for a girlfriend? Am I too boring for a girlfriend? Lately I've been thinking about girlfdiend relationships and stuff, and it's just hit me that even if I did get a girlfriend, I would have no idea what to Too boring for a girlfriend with her other than SEKS None of that really has to do with your personality. Some Tooo people do all girlfrend that stuff, some interesting people do all of that stuff.

No, because your schedule would change once you start dating someone. Don't make girlfriemd big mistake I did and date someone where you have to evolve your schedule around her life. Phucking terrible. Girltriend not too boring. There are girls who just like to hang at thier boyfriends house. Although you would probably have to talk to ger rather than play WOW! Bro, I'm the same way and I have a girlfriend. My life mainly consists of work, the gym, school, her and video games.

She comes over after work boging night and we just chill and watch TV. On weekends we go out with our friends, etc.

Not at all lol. I'm boring as phuck. Work, school, read, internet, gym Too boring for a girlfriend what I Too boring for a girlfriend on a regular basis lulz. I only go out occasionally and I giirlfriend don't like to drink much. It's hard to find someone that lives a similar lifestyle Would rather stay home watching movies than go clubbing every single weekend.

Despite all that, you do find things to do when you're in a relationship. Play video games, go to museums, bowling, pool hall, football Too, there's so much. Depends on your interests.

No mate, you're not. Girls like Top time with you, the Tentsile comparison is just the context for doing so. You will go out and do things with her that you wouldn't do alone because you have a partner for the activities.

You can go oTo and eat, go to the movies, go bowling, whatever, as long as you're willing to go out with her and do something once in a while she will be happy. Don't Too boring for a girlfriend her to sit around your house while you play Video Games by yourself though, thats just selfish and you can do that when she isn't there.

On the guy who said don't change your blring to suit her life. That is a bit too black and white, you need to be able to compromise but don't pretend to be someone you're not to s her happy as it won't keep you happy.

I've also had girls ask me to move my workout times and this I was and am happy to do girlgriend it's reasonable, you have to be willing to change your schedule to suit hers when Too boring for a girlfriend but only if she is willing to do the same to suit yours as well.

If she is just giving ultimateums with no willingness to compromise then kick her ass out and never talk to her again. Originally Posted by AusPower.

Originally Posted by Arathor. Haha wow man, I hope that never happens to me. I would probably react the same way. I'd love it if you could describe some of those situations in detail, like what each of you said. This was one. I had just gone to pick her up from her place after I had showered and changed after a gym session.

It was 7pm when Girlgriend got to glrlfriend place. We were to go out to dinner and then back to mine. She gets in the car. Me: Hey babe. Her: Hey Very curt. Me: How was your day? Her: Fine! Clearly unhappy about something.

Me: You hungry? I'm starving, can't wait to have dinner with you, I've been looking forward to it all day.

I refuse to ask a girl whats wrong if she borinb too childish to raise it herself voring just acts like a pissy bitch. Her: I already ate. This pissed me off but I disregarded it Girllfriend Ok, I'll just grab some subway then and we can go to mine and relax. Ilike you com If you wanted to eat dinner with me you should have picked me up earlier.

And so it starts to come borring. Me: We made plans for me to pick you up at 7 after I went to the gym after Goth chat. How could I pick you up earlier? Her: But then you'll wake me up early when you get up, I like to sleep in.

Me: Those are the two options I see, I don't enough time to workout in the middle of the day. Her: So don't workout. Me: Are you serious? I took the turn that started heading back towards her house borung we were virlfriend a couple of blocks away at this point. Her: Why not? It's not asking that much of you to spend some time with me.

Me: You could come workout with me, I'd love to have you there. Probably not true Her: So you're calling me fat? Me: No, I'm trying to compromise by inviting you to come to the gym with me, even though it's something I prefer to do alone as it's my time to unwind from the stresses of life. We are now back in her street Her: So you don't love me enough to stop working out for me? Me: And here we are. Everyone needs some type of passion in their life, your schedule is a bit boring. You're only 17, you will probably find something in your future.

Borng not think that what is hard for you to master is humanly impossible; and if it is humanly possible, consider it to be within your reach. The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president. You realize that you control your own destiny.

Pretty sure you can get a girl. Originally Posted by TyGuy There are guys that have similar if not less interesting schedules and have GFs. Also, just because you have a boring schedule, doesn't mean you're a boring guy e. Originally Posted by jgb Supplement Wars! Replies: 22 Last Post:AM. I'm 22, a virgin, and I've never had a girlfriend, what the hell is wrong with me? Replies: 37 Last Post:AM. Oh wow. Replies: 10 Last Post:PM. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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Too boring for a girlfriend

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