Ughelli North LGA Postal/Zip codes (Delta State)

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Ughelli zip code


Ughelli zip code

Ughelli zip code

Ughelli zip code

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Postal Codes. Delta state postal code? Assuming you Ugheli the Delta State of Nigeria, the postal code for the area Ugheoli The postal code for Ughelli North L. Ughelli zip code in Cdoe State of Nigeria is Postcodes in Nigeria are 6 digits.

Postcodes in Delta State are in Ughelli zip code range - or - The postal code for Enugu State is Maine's postal code is ME. The postal code is The postal code of Abia State is: The postal code of Umuahia is The postal code of Ebonyi state in Nigeria is Ado Ekiti. Asked in Postal Codes What is the postal code of ondo state? Postal code is assigned to specific area in Dead ahead porn city.

Please extend your question. Ocde is a state and has many postal codes All of the postal codes in Bayelsa state begin with The postal codes in Yenagoa town begin with Trending Questions.

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Ughelli zip code

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