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What does androsexual mean


What does androsexual mean

Examples include someone who is transgender or a cisgender female who presents as male. This means that heterosexual women and homosexual men can be considered androsexuals. However, the term is especially meant to describe attraction to masculinity in nonbinary or genderqueer persons.

The feminist in me is throwing her hands up in Lavalife discount codes. I just like masc trans people what can I say? Menu Dictionary. Submit Definitions Synonyms What does androsexual mean All the words. Previous Word: androgyn. Next Word: aromantic. Examples of androsexual. I am fairly certain that I am the only androsexual in the world who really doesn't find Jason Momoa all that attractive.

Androsexuality is the What does androsexual mean attraction to masculine people. Self-identity is super powerful and salient for people, so I would say labels that we adopt as individuals should be used if at all possible.

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What does androsexual mean

What does androsexual mean

What does androsexual mean

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