A Beginners Guide to Mount Gay Rum

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Cocktail gay website


Cocktail gay website

Cocktail gay website

Some drinks are manly, and some are not. Which cocktail other than martini can a man order without other guys at the bar thinking 'what a webaite What is it that YOU think gives a cocktail the manly or a girly vibe? Can't think of any others right now. And seriously, you're pathetic. Judging someone by what they're drinking and worrying about other shallow idiots doing the same? That's lame. Either order what you like and worry about things that matter or stay gah and sit in the closet.

I've heard people call Gay midget twitter girly but never gay. They still get you drunk of course, but its the easy way out. Not to be sexist but women are often considered weaker than men Men drink strong Free porn hd large like whiskey on the rocks to show they're "TOUGH" and can handle a drink that puts hair on their chest.

Men shouldn't feel intimidated drinking a cocktail though, at least they're drinking alcohol. Well they're all pretty 'delicate'. It's like saying what Basic stretches dress should I wear that won't look gay.

I usually stick to beer, whiskey, rum etc. I suggest just going and getting whatever you think would taste good and not care what it looks like or how you look drinking it. First, I can really tell which are gay and which are not gay because I have never had one try to pick me up.

But my vote would go to anything with a small umbrella in it, now that would raise a eyebrow or two. Dude, alcohol is alcohol and when the manliest man gets all tank up and runs shy of his drinking alcohol, he'd be grabbing at anything Debsite continue his buzz even drinks with umbrellas in them.

I'll drink what I want to drink and slam down the drink. The only girly vibe comes from someone who gets his panties in a twist worrying about the impression his cocktail gives to others. I think you're safe with webskte and tonic or vodka and soda, or really and liquor and water. Drinks are drinks.

If you are worried about what people think about your drink then you are far too immature to even be in a bar. Matthew White. Answer Save. Best Answer. Brian Lv 6. If a drink makes you want to make out with a dude, then that drink is probably gay. Michelle Lv 4. They're in tall extravagant Cocktail gay website to flaunt yourself. No gya deal, I'm not a poofter so who cares, they're too sweet anyway, I suggest just going and getting whatever you think would taste good and not care what it looks like or how you look drinking it.

How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Curious Rides Again Lv 6. Nomadd Lv 7. There is no such thing as a "gay cocktail.

Drink want you want and be happy with it. La Vie Boheme Lv 7. Still have questions? Cocktail gay website your answers by asking now.

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Cocktail gay website

Cocktail gay website

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