Sexing Gerbils

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How to tell gerbil gender


How to tell gerbil gender

How to tell gerbil gender

How to tell gerbil gender

Gerbil gender is rather easily distinguished. Looking at the gerbil's lower abdomen, the male's genitals are generally further from the anus than the female's genitals.

The gerbil on the left is female, and the gerbil on the right is male. Also, the part under the tail of Malaika arora hot bikini pics gerbils usually looks a bit fatter, or swollen. That's another way to tell if a gerbil is a boy or a girl. Ask the people that work there, or you can compare the gerbil with the others.

Answer Save. It's really not difficult. Mature males have a bulge at their back end which is actually the scrotum - females do not. The distance between the genital and anal opening for males is longer than it is in females. Follow the link below for side-by-side pictures to help you.

Source s : Other images. This Site Might Help You. RE: how How to tell gerbil gender tell whether a gerbil is a boy or girl? How do you think about the answers?

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How to tell gerbil gender

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