21 Women Reveal What It Was Like To Have Sex With A Large Or Small Penis

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My girlfriend likes big penis


My girlfriend likes big penis

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Add Thread to del. Hey Gang, Can't ask her directly Real girlfriend sex clips she has made a couple references over the last 10 yrs about size. I can go as long as needed and she usually orgasms. She only needs a minute or two and then wants me to hurry up. I am comfortable with my self and don't really need PE to be happy, but I am going to continue. I know that she dated a well endowed fellow years ago.

She only mentioned in passing that it was big and nothin else. So as far as I see it any damage from finding out now is already done. Btw, stealth PE for 6 weeks. Any suggestions?

Share Share this post on Digg Del. My biggest suggestion is to not ask dumb questions. Nothing good will come of it at all! Grow larger with PE, if she doesn't complain, you have your answer. Captain Dallas. Personally the only way to find out in my opinion is to tell her about PE and that you want to try it and see her reaction. This makes it safe for her to be honest.

This is how I did it with my wife. My biggest concern at the time was that she would be upset about the dangers and so forth-but she was excited. She made it clear that I was already big but changing it sounded interesting-she was excited. I question if a woman would be honest if you just ask her without a safe zone like this ie "I'm making it bigger, what do you think? Not because I think women are dishonest but it's no different than us-would you tell your wife if you thought her ass was too My girlfriend likes big penis No, not unless you're a fool.

There ARE times to be respectfully dishonest, her saying it's ok even though she would like bigger is one of those times. So - by telling her YOU want it bigger and can do so, you'll make it safe and okay for her to say "sounds like fun" or something else at least indicating she's open to it.

If I were you, I'd do what wish I did-which was very effective: I did an extender for a long time hoping she'd notice. Then finally brought it up, etc. But when I started jelqing, the gains were huge and quick and she couldn't stop talking about it-she loved it. If I could do it over again, I'd jelq until she noticed and let her bring it up-that to me would be fun.

Jelqing is very Brawling go hentai work for the big gains you get or at least that I got and am gettingso you might try it-it's very fun and I bet you'll get hooked. If your partner has never said anything to you-don't worry. Worrying will complicate things. If she "critisizes" you-look further into why this is happening.

As far as hurrying up- if My girlfriend likes big penis comes first; sometimes the desire to go on gets a little dim. If you orgasm first, she will have something to strive for-and no one will be hurrying. I told mine about PE. She has said, many times, your penis is perfect - no need to do anything. However, after my first inch of gain and increased girth she said "wow, its bigger and looks great" In other words she likes it bigger.

This doesn't mean she didn't like my cock before. Just means she still likes it, Things that move gracefully though its Hairy pussy sites. Moral of the story don't even ask or talk about it.

Only reason I told my girlfriend is because I couldn't get enough private time to do a good routine. So I told her and lock myself in the bedroom for my routine. I do not let her watch or let her in or let her know what my routine is. However, I totally let her be involved. When I jelq, she helps me get it hard again and it's really fun watching her watch it. She doesn't do it always, but at least times a week she's very interested, talking about it, looking, touching-it's fun.

She's my cheerleader now. I think that's why I'll have to eventually come completely clean. As far as the OP's question, I don't know, but Gay prison dating have an experience that may or may not shed some light. My girlfriend's boobs grow ridiculously about a week before her period. They go from soft B's, to solid C's That said, I like them either way.

I really do. I wouldn't wish them to be one way or another. Truth be told, put a gun to my head and I'd want them smaller. Anyway, as far as that goes, I don't have a preference, and its because I love her completely. I love everything about her and the fluctuations are all part of the allure.

She gets upset because she put on five pounds. In the meantime, I freaking love My girlfriend likes big penis She's in awesome shape and the 5 lbs is nothing. I'll take her either way. I always will. I think that's the way you need to approach your curiosity here.

If you two are in love, I don't think Sexbuddies com will ever matter. She would probably enjoy your penis larger, but the key word is "YOUR.

But that's not the case. In an intimate relationship, if she wanted your penis larger, it would only because its YOUR penis. Listen, you may have a beer gut Would she love you the same if you trimmed up? Would she enjoy the look and feel of your flatter stomach?

I would even say that if your penis started magically shrinking, she'd be fine with it too. People adapt to each other. Our relationships aren't concrete and things are always changing. People who belong together, change with each other. I highly doubt that she ever even thinks about it. Take it from me. I went from 6. I see absolutely no difference with the way she treats me or loves me. But does she enjoy me larger?

I'm sure she does. Did she wish I was bigger when I was average? I highly doubt it. We loved each other and I made sure she was satisfied in bed. Ramble over. Shawna chastain nice response Bobberick, I agree with everything you say! Not a ramble, in my opinion, but rather a well thought out opinion. My wife hs known from the start taht I pe, said she liked it the way it was and now she likes since it has grown.

She says she gets stronger orgasms but is sometimes sore now afterwards. I guess there are pros and cons but i know my wife would like sex with me the My girlfriend likes big penis if I quit PE. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:.

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My girlfriend likes big penis

My girlfriend likes big penis

My girlfriend likes big penis

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