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One nightstand or two


One nightstand or two

One nightstand or two

One nightstand or two

I am trying to decide if my husband and I should get two nightstands one for each side of the bed or just one. I know it's common for two but does that look too symmetrical??? Really depends if your husband wants one on his side have you asked him and the only way to use one if you have separate beds and use it in the middle Looks better with 2 and 2 lamps on them.

I always think two nightstands One nightstand or two really good, although they do look very symmetrical. If you have a few difference size and shaped cushions on your bed, scattered a little, this can break the harsh symmetrical balance.

Also, if you were to different pieces of furniture asymmetrical around the room, this would also break the hardness of it. If I were to get two nightstands how would make them asymmetrical? Do Loic zine have two or one in your bedroom? Answer Save.

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One nightstand or two

One nightstand or two

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