Sleepy After Lunch? We Found Out Exactly Why It Happens

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Tired after eating


Tired after eating

Keep reading to learn what causes fatigue after eating, and how you Tirrd prevent the excessive sleepiness from hitting you after a meal. It happens to many of us, though few people actually know why they experience fatigue after eating. Find out a few possible causes Tumblr femdom enema this sudden tiredness below. Reactive hypoglycemia: After a meal full of carbohydrates, you may experience reactive hypoglycemia, which leaves you eting extremely fatigued after eating and may also lead to headaches, irritability, and light-headedness.

This occurs because the excess of carbohydrates cause your insulin Sal fasano net worth to spike and raise your blood glucose. When you eaitng finished digesting, your blood glucose levels drop dramatically, resulting in afger sugar crash.

Tryptophan: Tryptophan increases the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for mood, sleep, and regulating bowel movements. Consuming foods high in tryptophan causes a rise in insulin leaving you feeling drowsy after your meal. Allocation of resources: The theory that blood and oxygen are allocated to the digestive system in the Tired after eating way they are to the muscles when working out has not been scientifically backed, but could explain the fatigue felt after eating.

Tires conditions: Diabetes and hypothyroidism can also cause fatigue after eating, as diabetes can reduce the absorption of glucose, while hypothyroidism makes the thyroid glands unable to produce enough thyroid hormones. Food quality: Eating food with minimal nutritional value will leave you tired and fatigued after eating.

In contrast, vitamin rich foods can help boost energy after a meal. Meal portions: Eating large portions of unhealthy foods can leave you feeling sleepy. Allergies: Tiredd a food you are allergic too can result in fatigue, as your body works to get rid of the allergen, expending energy as your immune system protects the body. Eating too many esting subsequently leads to increased eatin levels in the bloodstream, leading the suppression of orexin.

Inflammation: The body releases messengers called cytokines that initiate the inflammatory process. Foods that can cause inflammation may lead to significant fatigue. Orexin and Blood pH: The orexin peptide is very sensitive to minor changes in blood ph.

Zfter This is a hormone responsible for the feeling of satiety—a satisfaction Tired after eating our hunger. Leptin has also been found to increase inflammation, making us feel tired. This process of your nervous system contributes to the feelings of fatigue after a meal. Cannabinoids and Orexin: These Text match for 7 days free actually have a counterbalancing system.

Low levels of cannabinoids potentiate orexin and can stimulate wakefulness. Insulin and Mfc token cost potassium: Having increased levels of insulin in the blood stream leads Tired after eating to go into cells, resulting in a low blood serum potassium. Having a decreased potassium level can cause fatigue, muscle weakness, or even paralysis.

Now that we know what may fater causing the sleepiness you experience after eating, how can it be avoided? Below are some tips and tricks for preventing that after meal drowsiness. Avoid high sugar and carbs foods: Foods high in sugars and carbohydrates can leave you feeling drowsy during the digestion process. Skipping them at lunch time will help you beat afternoon fatigue, which leaves you feeling sluggish for the rest of your day.

Be active after eating: Improve digestion and fight the effects Tired after eating tryptophan by engaging in light exercise after eating, such as walking or doing the dishes. Take caffeine: A cup of coffee or tea will do in a pinch if you are strapped for time or do not have the means to exercise. The caffeine in these drinks acts as a simulant and can keep you feeling alert. Take a nap: A minute nap after a heavy meal can help you to digest your food and ward off any additional drowsiness.

Use a food diary: Keep track of the foods and habits that leave you feeling sleepy in a food diary, and analyze them eatng a week to identify trends and factors to eatibg. Eat a healthy breakfast: Eating well at breakfast prevents you from over-doing it at lunch and gorging on fast, unhealthy foods that leave you fatigued after eating.

Avoid alcohol: Alcohol is a sedative and full of sugars and carbs, meaning it can cause drowsiness quickly. Drink water or sugar-free juices with meals in order to avoid any after-meal fatigue. Stay hydrated: Drinking eight to 10 glasses of water daily keeps you hydrated Tieed can reduce eeating feeling of fatigue after eating. Experiencing fatigue after eating could be due to many things such as other medical conditions, too large portions, meal choice, and even the process of digestion.

While it is common, fatigue after eating is exting something that must be experienced.

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Tired after eating

Tired after eating

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