BAKASUR – a cursed Gandharva turned demon

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Bakasoor blog


Bakasoor blog

Friday, April 7, Tomato Saar Tomato curry. Another simple preparation in the Bakasoor kitchen today My tomato saar recipe is from the coastal regions of Maharashtra. Saar is nothing but a soupy or liquidy preparation usually enjoyed with hot steamed rice or just by itself. Well, a small piece of fried fish to go along with this saar Bakasoor blog hurt anyone! There are a ton of tomato saar recipe variations you will find.

My house has 2 different ones Bakasoor blog prepare. But regardless of which one you feel like trying, be assured that it will be cooked in a jiffy. Ideal for those tiring weekdays when you just want to cosy up with a quick hot meal and be done with your day. Let me share one of the variation prepared at my home with you.

Level: Easy Serves: 4 people. Posted by Shalmali at AM 1 comment: Links to this post. Wednesday, March 22, Kobichi Bhaji Cabbage stir-fry. The recipe that I have shared is a typical Maharashtrian preparation Fasthump app has minimal spices that helps the taste Bakasoor blog cabbage shine through.

Cabbage is very low in saturated fat and cholesterol and a good source of fiber. That makes it a Bakasoor blog choice if you are watching your weight.

The addition of cumin, green chilies and gram dal chana dal makes this mild vegetable very flavorful and interesting. This preparation tastes great with some Jocelyn crowley wikipedia rotis smeared with ghee. Moving on to the recipe Source: Aai Level: Easy Serves: 4 people.

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Bakasoor blog

Bakasoor blog

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