Why Does My Husband Go to Adult Bookstores?

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Find adult bookstores


Find adult bookstores

Find adult bookstores

February 1, Visits to adult bookstores elicit Hoobly ct that ranges from macho swagger to skulking insecurity in men and bold confidence to adolescent giggling in women, a booksyores University of Florida study finds. The dividing line appears to be whether men and women go to the stores alone or bookdtores a group, with gaggles of women often tittering bookstres bashful teenagers and men with girlfriends resorting to macho bragging and gay-bashing homophobia, said Dana Berkowitz, a UF sociology graduate student whose research is published in bopkstores October issue of the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.

Lone women can be very assertive claiming what they want, while many single men are reduced to cringing Bbw fantasy rape about asult desires, she said. Fund the other hand, what is it about some women that make them uncomfortable with their sexuality? Berkowitz did her research at a Florida store that specializes in pornographic videos, magazines and novelty items and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For six months, she frequented the shop two Find adult bookstores three times a week for about an hour each time to observe.

She found two kinds of men who shopped alone: One group entered the store only to purchase or rent pornographic videos, while the other would discreetly browse through the entire store for a prolonged time before making a purchase — if bokstores made one at all.

In groups, women displayed such stereotypical feminine practices as giggling and blushing, while some resorted to badmouthing and condemning other women, Berkowitz said. Women are not socially conditioned to flaunt their sexuality, and under the gaze of other females, many felt pressure to distance themselves from certain images and items, she said.

Men who shopped with women tried to reaffirm their heterosexuality, acting according Find adult bookstores culturally imposed ideals of ultra-masculine or homophobic behavior, Berkowitz said. Some would loudly describe their sexual exploits with other women, while others criticized the all-male pornography section, saying gays should have their own establishment, she said.

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What are the consequences?

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Find adult bookstores

Find adult bookstores

Find adult bookstores

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