How to Hand Wash Dishes

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How to sanitize hand washed dishes


How to sanitize hand washed dishes

Microscopic bugs and bacteria actually favor the kitchen, washeed you eat and prepare food. And the nexus of all that microbial activity could be sitting right next to the kitchen sink: on the sponge. There were different kinds of bacteria lurking in the crevices of sponges they collected from ordinary homes, in astounding numbers — up to 45 billion per square centimeter.

That amount even surprised the researchers conducting the study. How to sanitize hand washed dishes are the nasty dishfs of your kitchen sponge — and what you should use to wash your dishes instead. The ideal way to sanitize dishes and cups is to run them through the dishwasher. Energy savers dishse less energy and therefore generate less heat for sanitizing.

The heat is important to destroy the microbes. But sponges are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, given the amount of food residue that go stick on and inside the porous surfaces, and the numerous moist havens that lure the bugs and provide fertile ground for them to breed. Egert did not find the common Jessica pacheco jones that cause foodborne illnesses, such as salmonella, E.

Use a plastic or silicone brush. Sanituze you insist on using a sponge, you should make peace with frequently cleaning it and throwing it out. House-cleaning experts advise that you to sanitize dish sponges every few days in a variety of ways, from soaking it in a bleach solution to zapping sanitizze in the microwave or running it through the dishwasher. Good How to sanitize hand washed dishes compared these three methods and found that the bleach and water solution worked best in removing They created a solution of 3 tablespoons of bleach to a quart of water and soaked the germy sponges for five minutes, then rinsed them out.

Throwing the sponge in the hanr was the least effective cleaning strategy of the three, although the machine wash did kill Many are now made from plastics that are less porous and absorbent, and therefore less likely to retain the moisture that attract bacteria.

Reichert also recommends plant-based foam sponges infused with a citrus cleaning solution that keeps bacteria at bay for about a month. If throwing out sponges frequently seems wasteful, Egert suggests using them in other parts of the house where sanituze might not be so important, such as cleaning floors or gardening equipment.

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How to sanitize hand washed dishes

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