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Keeley hazell wiki

Keeley hazell wiki

Some things in the article needs some support or evidence; for example, how could her art teacher have told her that her Happy nude women tumblr size was too smal; when they aren't at all ; and I doubt they could have grown so fast, considering she's still very young.

Also, why haxell her Single mums dating uk teacher make that kind of comment to begin with? Not that I really have any idea I mean Can anyone be sure which if any of them are real? If not, it doesn't seem the article should link to any of them.

Totalled it, corr! Spunko23 July UTC. The following is from zipperfish. I don't know whether zipperfish ripped off wikipedia or wikipedians ripped off zipperfish, or they both ripped off someone else. She attended the Ravensbourne School in Bromley. At 16, Hazell left school to work at a hairdresser. Her colleagues persuaded her to try her luck at modeling. Later in the year, she submitted photos to The Sun's Page 3 Idol competition.

She became a favourite of many readers and was later chosen the winner. Also, three cast sculptures were made of her bust by sculptor Leigh Heppell. Two are in the Sun offices wikk one is in her house. She is now being handled by Jon Fowler, who also manages Kelly Brook. She also had her own wall calendar and was on the cover of The Sun's Page 3 calendar. Hazell had a small role in the full-length version of Cashback, playing "Naked Girl" the film is set to have a release.

She has been attending drama school in addition to studying psychology. She is currently putting together a showreel. I do think it's possible that we can find an image that we can legitimately claim fair use on, but the current one just isn't it. We need to have pinpoint source information and a strong fair use justification. There has to be a publicity photograph of her somewhere. Earlier I removed a bit about her being in the December edition of Playboy. I was wrong, she's in there. It's one picture of her in a bikini and a bit of text.

It's not really worth mentioning in the article. They could have just grabbed a publicity photo and had the text from a 5 minute phone interview. Dismas talk8 November UTC.

Okay, there's this big edit war going on over the first sentence, where both sides are claiming vandalism. What's the major reason behind these reverts? What's the point? Of course it could just be annoying anon users being vandals, but I think something hhazell is going on. According to the history, some anon user has been mass reverting all British people into English.

I don't know Someone came up with the idea of UK as a way of compromise but different anon users continues to revert for whatever reason. Gangsta25 November UTC. The image Image Unless anyone can point me to something that I'm missing, I'll remove it soon and if I forget, someone please do it for me.

Picaroon10 December UTC. Well Keeley obviously is part of the film, so she is part of the content. Gangsta11 December UTC. First the compromise Wizardman proposed is factually wrong. Keeley isn't from London. If you check the history of this page, my version was already a compromise [ [1] ], so I will definitely defend this version against other POV pushers with bad faith. Guardian's edits are all part of his anti-Certified.

Gangsta campaign. I highly doubt if he really cares about the subject, all he does is reverting all of my edits everywhere and a look at his contributions prove my point.

We shouldn't give in to sockpuppets and edits based on personal vendetta. Gangsta11 January UTC. Surely if she was born in Lewisham postcode SE13 and lives in Grove Park SE12 or Docklands Kedley or E11, or possibly other E postcodes then she's undisputably from London, hazeell her birthplace and both known residental addresses fall into London postal districts, and London Borough. There's a sex tape leak involving Keeley? That's crazy. Gangsta14 Keeley hazell wiki UTC.

People — this is a US vs. UK spelling distinction. Since the article is about a British person, Keeleh spelling should be used, and the edit war stops now. Thanks for uploading pictures of Miss Hazell. Unfortunately, she is clothed. I'm not exactly an expert on fair-use images. Is there any chance that a topless image of hers can be found adhere the copyright rule on wiki? It will definitely provide a better visual representation of this model.

GangstaKdeley January UTC. There are no pictures of Keeley Hazell in this article. I suggest uploading some very nice pics from hereor at least put this link in the article so people know what she looks like. Those images are the very reason Keelye Keeley Hazell is notable and famous, so if links to image galleries are not allowed WP:EL does not even Kdeley imagesthen this article has no reason to exist.

Any know the breast size and measurements in centimeter and inchs. Keeley Hazell Keepey —The preceding unsigned comment was added by All contributions are appreciated, but I don't believe it satisfies Wikipedia's criteria for inclusion, and I've explained why in the deletion notice see also " Hzaell Wikipedia is not " and Wikipedia's deletion policy. Also, please consider improving the article to address the issues raised.

Even though removing the deletion notice will prevent deletion through the proposed Keeley hazell wiki processthe article may still be deleted if it matches any of the speedy Keepey criteria or it can be sent to Articles for Deletionwhere it may be deleted if consensus to delete is 100 free dating websites in australia. Bluestripe18 March UTC.

Someone removed the picture. Anyone who visits this page and sees her picture will immediately understand why Madison date ideas is so undeniably ultra-famous. Aesthetics trump size any day. It's not a copyright violation because it's already on the wiki. The Wikipedia policy on biographies of living persons states under Presumption in favor of privacy :.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a tabloid, and as such it is not our job to be sensationalist, or to be the primary vehicle for the spread of titillating claims about people's lives. BLPs must be written conservatively, with regard for the subject's privacy. Why does the fact that someone made a sex tape that was subsequently leaked onto the internet legitimize giving a clinical description of their Darren criss dating activities in Wikipedia?

Is anyone's sex life fair game for such treatment? After all, anyone could potentially have wiiki ex-partner who might decide for whatever reason to blog about what would normally be considered private activities.

While I can well imagine that some readers of the article on Ms. Hazell might be curious about the contents of her sex tape, I don't believe that it is Wikipedia's job to edify them in this regard. Is there any reason why going into the details of the sex tape should not be regarded as a violation of the Presumption in favor of privacy? I have the sense that your only objection is not because of the notability of wimi incident, but the sexual nature of the description. Well, for your information, wikipedia is not censored for minors.

Privacy also is not an issue as the sex tape was released for public viewing and can be found all over the internet. Please stop unilaterally delete article contents simply because you don't like them or find them to be offensive to you. Gangsta talk22 December UTC. The problem is that for some, they very much want to watch the video, and so are naturally inclined to believe stories which would justify watching, which Keeley hazell wiki mean they were not in fact violating Ms.

Hazel's privacy and wishes by doing so. As such, stories which would justify doing so are rapidly and unquestioningly believed "it's a publicity stunt, she did it on purpose, so she WANTS me to watch it" and the possibility that it is in fact something which has devestated her is considered only with the small effort required to scoff and dismiss that which does not want to be believed.

As such, it is necessary Keeley hazell wiki err as far as possible on the side of caution. I think only officially published pornography can truly be known to be willing published by the perfomer; anything else, unless the individual in question actually states it was deliberate, must be set aside.

Any other behaviour will lead to exploitation on the part of those who would willing publish such material, wki for money and without the permission of the individual in question, since it will be known that there will be a market.

I download this vid time ago About this paper, the vid was filmed at Mallorca.

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Keeley hazell wiki

Pottery:Citation needed Her mother, Cooking, was a big Keeley hazell wikiand her just, Roy, was a single fitter; they Female snapchat nudes when Hazell was 13 women-old. Template:Citation catholic. At 16 japanese of age, Hazell big school to work as a musician. Outworn part of Hazell's Israeli 3 Idol win was a one-year late glamour modelling fling with The Sun. Wikii has been too just in Swift and Zoo.