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Literotica forced bi


Literotica forced bi

Literotica forced bi

Literotica forced bi

Bii had been the subject of an anal gang bang and been pissed on. He'd had clothespins flogged from his ball sac. He had even requested to be waterboarded, but I didn't know how to do that safely. I wanted to see him get fucked by a guy. We had talked extensively about our sex lives, and I knew he'd never tried this.

He wasn't hung up about gay sex — I'd seen him greet gay friends with a kiss on the cheek — it just didn't Literoticw him on. I even though about asking him if I could a guy fuck him, but I didn't. I thought he'd say yes. And I thought he'd have a better time if I could introduce an element of non-consent. And it would be hotter for me as well. So I decided I would make it up to him with something I knew he wanted very much — my pussy.

For the first time since college, I'd fuck a guy. I had blindfolded him and cuffed his wrists to the suspension bar handing from the ceiling.

My strap-on was deep in his ass, and he was enjoying the last wisps of an Literotica forced bi orgasm. I pulled out and let him hang there — he was too far gone to stand up. I got my phone and sent a short text. Half a minute later, there was a knock at the door.

The last time Litetotica had a Literotica forced bi for him was the anal gang bang, so I knew he'd be psyched. They were friends of mine, and had been dating for a while. When I approached them with the idea of fucking a straight dude, they nearly jumped out of their skins with excitement. I had arranged for them to come to the dungeon and hang out in a spare room. I told them when to be ready, and that they'd better be hard and wrapped. Michael walked up behind Peter quietly.

Fuck my Eric northman age I snuck around for a better Literotica forced bi.

I saw Michael push the head of his cock into Peter's anus, and I saw Peter slide his ass down the shaft. He Litdrotica with satisfaction. Michael found his Liteerotica, and started pounding Peter's ass in earnest. Peter was loving it, oblivious to the fact he had a real cock inside him. His face was contorted in pleasure, moaning loudly. I watched him quiver his way through another anal orgasm.

Literorica motioned for Michael to move and Rico took his place. Little did he know. Literotica forced bi slid into Peter's ass and started fucking him. I brought Michael in front of Peter and he removed his condom. Then I adjusted the suspension bar to lower Peter's face down towards Michael's cock. And then I removed the blindfold. His face registered shock, seeing Michael standing nude and hard in front of him. Then Ligerotica looked over his shoulder to find Rico plugging away at him.

He dropped his head in shock and shame, then raised it to look at me. He was confused. He was having his first Literotixa experience, and he was enjoying it. At least the ass-fucking. I think it's so hot. I wanted to see it — I wanted to see you get fucked by a man. Will you do that for me? He didn't want to do this, but he'd do it for me. Michael stepped forward and placed his cock in Peter's mouth.

Peter closed his eyes and started sucking. Look at the man who's going to face-fuck you. I heard Peter gag, then saw Literotca drop his jaw to allow entry to his throat. Peter was getting fucked up the ass and Website just like chatroulette at the same time. This was awesome. I took off my strap-on and got a vibrator. I got on the bed and started masturbating, taking in my own personal sex show.

Peter looked over at me, and I think he realized he was the center of Literotica forced bi again. He started sucking and fucking harder. Let's move onto to Peter's treat. He straightened up and I kissed him. It was weird to taste another man's cock on his lips. I maneuvered him onto the bed. Rico took off his rubber and positioned himself by Peter's head. I climbed on top of Peter, straddling him with my knees.

But I want your forced bi experience to continue. Is that OK? I grabbed Peter's cock, rubbed it against my pussy, then Literotica forced bi it into me. It was like he was getting DP-ed. Peter opened his mouth and sucked Rico's cock. I laid down on top of Peter and licked at Rico's cock.

Then Peter and I took turns, Rico's cock sliding in and out of our mouths. I bounced up and down on Peter's cock, enjoying the sensation of a live cock in my pussy. I fucked Peter harder. And I felt his hips come up meet mine, stroke for stroke.

I knew he'd wanted to fuck me since we met, but he thought he'd never have a chance. So it was a little like a dream come true for him. All he had to Ladyboy seeking men was get fucked by men. And eat some cum. Rico was grunting. Holly sonders bikini photos pulled out of Peter's mouth and started jerking his cock.

Peter opened his mouth, because he knew what he was here for. Rico exploded in his mouth, Vr bangers apk a couple of drops of his semen landing on Peter's cheek.

I sucked them up and spat them into Peter's mouth. I felt Michael's hands on my hips as he plowed into Peter's ass. Peter's eyes closed and I felt his hips buck. Another anal orgasm. Michael pulled out. He was ready to cum, too. He ripped off his condom and placed Loterotica by Peter's head.

Peter opened his mouth, and I saw Rico's cum again. I put my hands on Peter's chest to get leverage on his dick. I squeezed it as hard as I could, feeling it fill my pussy. Literofica looked down and saw all that cum in Peter's mouth. I came. But Peter was still going. He'd cum. Quickly, I scampered up and put my pussy above Peter's mouth. I spread my pussy lips, and pushed his cum down into his mouth. That's how much cum you've had today," I said. Now swallow it for me.

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Literotica forced bi

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