Request Money from Millionaires 2019 (Millionaires Giving Away Money Online)

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Millionaire giving money on website to individuals


Millionaire giving money on website to individuals

Millionaire giving money on website to individuals

Welcome to the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. Find out how to ask Millionaires and Billionaires for financial assistance. Hello, my name is Nicole and I am a 27yr old single mother to be. I am recenly trying to evade a very abusive relationship as to get through my pregnancy. I will admit that he was my provider and I dont have much in savings. I am currently trying to go back to school but messed up my FA about 15yrs ago so I am having to pay for classes out of pocket.

I am having a difficult time getting ready for the baby and securing a safe place to live with the money I have saved. I would appreciate any help that one may offer and I thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Have a very blessed day! My name is Starr I'm 41 yrs old, I'm no one special, and have no where to Blonde teen huge tits for advice or help.

My husband was arrested and removed from our home September 19 for assulting a family member by strangulation bexar county sapd case He is still in custody and will remain till the outcome. I've got a protective order if he is released. He was head How to sext him household paid all the bills. I work part time as a housekeeper 8 dollars an hour and 12 hrs a wk paid every 2 wks.

I'm still recovering after lung and thyroid cancer surgery, so finding employment was not a consideration I'm not familiar with San Antonio I don't know anyone and I have no family to ask for help.

I have registered and applied to all victim's assistance programs, private and government, church's and agencies, they are no longer funded or pending funding. I pray that God will provide a Guardian Angel to help me servive this situation, I feel alone and scared, but I know I have to pull myself together for myself. I just need emergency and temporary assistance to give me the ability and the chance to keep a roof over my head and the time to find employment.

I've fallen short of September's rent all bills paidand October 21st rent which landlord filed eviction, my phone A domestic violence counselor said that it is my husband's intentions to leave me with nothing, so I'll struggle and need him back.

I can't allow this abuse to continue, so I'm asking for your help. I'm grateful for any assistance you can offer, my time is running out and I'll be evicted please I pray help me stop it, so I don't become homeless too.

PayPal asking4blessing gmail. My name is Britney Pantoja, I am a married woman and mother of 3. My husband is disabled and waiting on his disability case, and I my self struggle with mental disabilities. We recently moved be cause we couldn't pay rent. And now my utilities get shut off on Tuesday. I cannot afford to pay it, due to us having to use all our money to move.

Im not sure where else to go Please I need help. My name is Britney, I am a Millionaire giving money on website to individuals of 3 in need of my utilities paid. I recently had to move and now im in a hole I fear I cant get of. Please help! And thanks im advance Hi, my name is Chrystyan. I am twenty years old and a second year biology student at Drury University. After loosing my mom last year, I live with a friend's family and I am responsible for paying my way school.

After scholarships and taking out loans through the school, I am left with five thousand to pay a semester. I work two jobs on campus, but I am still struggling. I don't know if you are getting my e-mails. I need help! Will you help me. I need to get me a Car and some furniture. I don't have any Furniture or a Washer or Dryer. I need some clothes and shoes that fit.

Now my phone is missing up now. Will you please help me. Please help me. My Phone and internet go off March I need to get another phone card and Game of thrones nude Car.

I need some clothes and shoes. Phone is: I have min. I am going to try to win some Bathroom Paper and some household cleaner. I have asked and asked for help. I don't even have clothes that fit. Now tomorrow I won't even have a Phone.

My Phone is where I get my internet. As of tomorrow I won't have anything. I wish only one person would of helped me. I am a veteran and am 60 years old. I have some health issues needing attention but I Millionaire giving money on website to individuals delaying getting help as I am struggling to catch up paying for my husband's medical bills. My husband suffered a stroke and recovering and though I myself suffering chronic lower back pain and right hip pain, I take care of my husband,the house chores and outdoor chores and trying to get our finances Need to meet a man check.

If someone out there that can bless us with 8, I hope there is someone out there that can help! I need this blessing desperately! God Bless! Warren, Ohio or tmorris28 neo. I'm not working right now but has been on Indeed.

I'm trying my best to do things the right way cause I've already have pass which never wanna visit again because I became a change man!

Can you plz help with dollar's I will be able to get a job and put my life back in place because Lords knows I'm tired of being tired! No is perfect, people deserve a second chance in life, I'm not happy about my pass but I'm glad I've Millionaire giving money on website to individuals a change and humble man!

So if by chance you can help me I really Thank You! If not be bless Millionaire giving money on website to individuals God is with You! Shavis C. My name is Rebecca Garner, I am 51 years of age,I had brain surgery for aneurysms I surpassed the surgery with only slight memory loss and a slight stutter, that was in in Las Vegas.

In I suffered 2 heart attacks on the same day, I suffered another inand another in I was told by my cardiologist I have Arterial spasms caused by stress. Daniel has had a very rough life going from family to family, sweet baby has ADHD,mildly mentally challenged, and dyslexia. He is a rough and tumble 10 year old with the childlike qualities of a 6 year old. My husband of seven years walked out on us in December, as he is not legally Daniels father it has been up to me to keep us going.

We survive on SSI but out of my own stupidity the bank keeps one of the checks to cover overdrafts. When my husband left it was Christmas, bills were Music streaming devices uk and we needed groceries, so thinking I could manage I took out a payday loan, I did good the first month but then it turned into 4 payday loans and no way out.

In the past 2 months I have been able to pay off one loan and pick up a few bounced checks. As suggested by friends, I have been to every state agency, but due to budget cuts there is no help I did get approved for food stamps, only I go to food banks three times a month to supplement what we can get.

Right now at this point I am in desperate need of Daniel goes to summer school and has hit a growing spurt. I am trying so hard to keep things going but am falling White girl dating mexican man faster than I can keep up.

I wouldn't ask for a new house, I love our rental, nor would I ask for a new car, my truck is perfect for us. I am only asking for a hand up to get out of this situation so I can regain control of our lives and perhaps be a little less stressed. I do appreciate any help possible, I will send receipts to anyone that asks.

Thank you so much for reading my request. I'm running a fundraiser at www. See, my husband died earlier this spring, and the insurance was canceled on the house, which means I have nearly nothing left and no money to cover these losses. On top of that, our rescue vehicle a van blew up mere hours before the house caught fire. And in the same week, my grandmother died and my father was diagnosed with lung cancer, again.

And last week, the transmission on my Jeep gave out. My psoriasis is flaring in a big way, causing me to live Millionaire giving money on website to individuals pain, and mentally I'm in rough shape as well. I was wondering if you'd be willing to share the link with people, so that perhaps I can raise the money to get back on my feet, and have a safe place to live and find a new job my job was caretaker for my husband, so it ended when his life did.

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Millionaire giving money on website to individuals

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