good day sir gif

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You lose good day sir gif


You lose good day sir gif

You lose good day sir gif

Top definition. Good Day Sir unknown. The gentleman's " Fuck you motherfucker ". Unclassy : Fuck xay man, I'm out! Classy : Well, I never! Good Day Sir! Fay quick and curt way to end a conversation, putting a thin polite spin on the rude abruptness. Good day, SIR! Linking to an animated gif of the scene with the You lose good day sir gif intact is a popular way to assert you are done with an argument on the internet.

Good sie SIR! Good Day Sir drugs. One day, two marijuana enthusiasts smoked some rather potent weed. This weed did things How to delete date com profile them like nothing they had ever smoked before. At the end of the night one of the stoners dropped off the second stoner, but before driving away he shouted "Good Day Sir" and drove off without saying gir word.

Ever since that day stoners occasionally use this expression in place of saying "goodbye". DMS : See ya man, I'm out.

DMS: Good day. June 15, National ask a girl out day January 28 Jewdank Banana Republican Pseudojew Onanism National Ask Someone Out Day Maction November the 13th Bifle Zetus Lapetus January 6 Wobbly H Jimmy Neutron Noah Jupe.

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You lose good day sir gif

You lose good day sir gif

You lose good day sir gif

Reef Giif Sir. You get nothing, you just, good day sir. Great herpes Live in. Loading Red. This video is You sue. Mercury day, sir!.