Review and Measurements of Schiit Valhalla 2 Headphone Amp

Asgard 2 vs Definition 2.







Asgard 2 vs valhalla 2


Asgard 2 vs valhalla 2

Asgard 2 vs valhalla 2

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Sign up now! It is literally, out of this world. It is the only DAC in Headphone Reviews and Discussion - Head-Fi. Rating: 4. Sort Reviews Sort Reviews By. Pros - fun, I forget the time, and keep enjoying the music. Cons - too woolly. Hi I compared the Beyerdynamic T1.

The T1. So I need a better energizer, I agree. Still the T1. Yoram DiamandJul 25, Replies 0. At the end of it all I feel if your able to DIY your likely going to get the highest degree of fidelity for your system with the least monetary cost. But there's extensive knowledge and experience required as any mistakes invoke additional cost. I also had to do some digging to figure out who to have install the mods, as I'm not cleanest solderer. So again time and money can quickly add up when putting together a custom piece.

I suppose I lucked out! So much so I kinda wish I'd purchased said amp before venturing into my own little experiment. An I personally enjoy each with a drier sounding tube amp, so the three amps featured all share that slightly drier presentation in comparison to something like a Schiit Vali 1 or a Cavili Liquid Glass with a thicker sounding Tube. An while it's slight tonal faults I feel can be remedied with some tube swaps I feel your likely better off just saving that money for a better amp in the future.

As again I feel upgrading the tubes on the Valhalla 2 to correct it's tone could get costly and ultimately money spent on new tubes could just be money spent towards a better amp. So if your like me and you kinda enjoy rolling tubes and seeing what differences exist, this likely isn't the best amp to explore that hobby with!

An yes I also felt the Valhalla 2 did give my little Modded Amp a real run for it's money!!! Foxhole vietnam, I have purchased an upgrade to my system so my experiment isn't holding me back at this time, though I wonder how much sooner I might have gotten said upgrade if I'd just gotten the Valhalla 2 in the first place An I've found that typically at this price points Hybrid Units seem to do better with harder to drive Planar Magnetics.

Though exceptions may exist and I may explore them in the future. So for those of you that own large collections of headphones that have very differing sound presentations and amping requirements the Ember II will likely remain an excellent choice given how easily you can adjust it's operation to compliment a variety of gear and sound signatures. It's a stunning product and proves itself an incredible value. MshenayDec 7, Replies 6. Now i am using Asgard 2 like preamp, but in my onkyo power amp, the result is very "cold" or "dry" with asgard2 like preamp.

MartussDerOct 15, You may get a better experience with the Schiit Saga PreAmp as I believe it's intended purpose is exactly what your looking for. MshenayOct 15, Obviously i am looking for a good headphone tube amp at the same time. I have ordered an Vallhalla 2 five days ago, maybe tomorrow it will arrive. MartussDerOct 20, Cons - No cons sorry.

The HD sounded good out of the Magni 3, but curiosity got the best of Oasis profile After scouring forums and reading reviews, I wasn't able to find a clear answer on how the Valhalla 2 sounds with the HDs. I decided I needed to make a leap of faith. I decided to go with Schiit for their design, warranty, and reputation. The Valhalla 2 arrived Sexy danish women my doorstep First impressions mean everything, and I was impressed.

The fit and finish of the Valhalla 2 is beautiful; a work of art. The tubes came carefully packaged and protected. I was happy to see that this amp did not have an obnoxious wall wart. After seating the tubes, I flipped on the power switch I was met with a beautiful orange glow reminiscent of a cozy fireplace.

I let the tubes warm up a bit, and prepared myself for what was to come. I noticed Asgard 2 vs valhalla 2 drastic improvement in sound quality. If I can describe it in one word, I'd say "effortless".

The Valhalla 2 powered my HDs effortlessly. I noticed that I could hear details in songs that I previously missed. Is this the same headphone? The Valhalla 2 also injected a bit of "oomph" into the bass. It's as if this amp was made for this headphone. I was happy with the HDs before, but now I am ecstatic. I'm blown away. I couldn't take my headphones off that night. I just sank into the music. It was truly an amazing experience. It goes without saying that I am keeping the Valhalla 2.

SlifoxMar 11, Adu and Chopin75 like this. Cons - Runs Hot, but its 4 tubes!! The Vahalla 2 specs mw RMS at ohms and mw at ohms. This peaked my interest fore sure. I really like Jason's quick wit, comments and there made in the USA philosophy!

When I got the amp, its was very well packaged and all you have to do is to carefully plug in the 4 tubes, connect up, power on and listen! The LED stays on for several minutes after shutdown. No big deal but some have wondered if this was an issue, its not If you want the smaller input tubes can be rolled to your hearts and wallets desire.

Ok so how does it sound or not sound? First impressions are lasting ones, and the new toy syndrome can subjectively taint your viewpoint and feelings towards new audio toys.

With the Vahalla 2 I found that it is indeed a wonderful amp for my T1, ohm and even some lower impedance cans. Depending on the music and how the material was recorded and mastered both of these amps do very nicely.

My preference is the Vahalla2 just because it seems to effortlessly light up these higher impedance headphones. I have found myself several times just getting lost in a holographic sound presentation that so many of us buy all kinds of stuff to get!

The Vahalla 2 and the Beyers are one of the best pairings I have heard. Very clear and open for a tube amp, you can hear all those things you never heard before and I often take off the headphones thinking someone is at the front door or my wife is calling out to me!! The bass, mids, low end are all there in spades, well done, well controlled It has no issue playing the low end stuff like the heartbeat beat thump from Pink Floyd, the old stuff from The Doors A deal.

Oh the big surprise was my 80 ohm Beyer DT's I had to check to make sure I didnt have the T90 or T1's on! I was listening to Cowboy Junkies Original Trinity Series in the church with that really low end beat and the reverb in the church is so Asgard 2 vs valhalla 2 recorded a Classic recording for sure. The s just grow up on this amp I have no idea why, but whatever Schitt did to make lower impedance cans play like these Tesla DT's is magin to me indeed The 's have sat on my desk for months unused!!!

So all in all the new Schitt Vahalla2 is a superb tube amp that makes high impedance headphones "light up" very, very well If your looking for a tube amp and dont want to solder, cut wire, or do DIY this is a very good alternative for you. Listening with a set of Beyer T1's 2 Rev, on high Chubby gay personals and the sound is musical abd lucious, Skyway jack s 4th street open, spacious and just very nice Replies 5.

Ahhh, I did wonder.

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Asgard 2 vs valhalla 2

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