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Biltong slogans


Biltong slogans

Biltong slogans

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Mar The last thing the Poet feels of her is the distinctive taste of biltong. It lingers. Their last kiss is made just before the airplane announces itself Biltong slogans a great roar of being. He watches it swallow her and turn her into a memory.

And then the plane flies away. Every centimetre that was Doublelist nyc pressed to his Muse is smoothing its goose bumps. Now that the Muse is gone, it is time for him to begin studying for the colourless exams that were the subject of his existence before her.

The summer sunshine somehow manages to feel uninspired. The journey from the airport stretches out like a goodbye that ought not to happen. It is slow, painful, and filled with empty promises of hope from her family. Her brother says she will visit during the Christmas season. They Fucking my moms boyfriend riding in the same little red Volkswagen that often picked her up from school.

If time is simultaneous, she is sitting next to him. The car is full; time has only one direction, and its wheels stops in front of the school gates. He says his farewells, closes the car door, and limps to the library to start working on maths equations with his classmates.

He barely opens the library doors, barely greets his classmates, and with barely Biltong slogans nonchalance, barely explains that his Muse went off to another country. He picks up his scientific calculator and clicks open his pen to attack a math problem. Hours pass in numbers that stubbornly refuse to make sense Biltong slogans place of her. He laughs with his classmates, and then he doesn't: they have to go home now for lunch.

The Poet Biltong slogans go home. He has to wait for his mother to pick him up. He decides to walk out the school gates to eat at the Chinese restaurant.

It is placed conveniently outside the school. He orders some dumplings and some noodles, and then tells the waitress that he is going to buy a newspaper at the filling station while he waits for his meal. At the filling station counter are packets of biltong hooked onto a stand. Written by. Gaborone, Botswana. Please log in to view and add comments on poems.

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Biltong slogans

Biltong slogans

Biltong slogans

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