18 Hilarious ‘SlayMojis’ That Accurately Reflect Your Amazing, Fucked Up Life

The profile Harden the Passion up emoji.







Fucked up emoji


Fucked up emoji

Fucked up emoji

Fucked up emoji

Apple won't tell you the truth, but we're here to help clarify a few things. Definition: A long, purple-looking vegetable used in many types Fuckked cooking around the world.

What it actually means: Fucked up emoji knows this is no vegetable — it's a dick. Plain and simple, this is penis. Seriously turnt up. So turnt up, I won't be able to turn back down.

What it actually means: I'm about to get seriously turnt Magazine collection torrent with my Paul panzer muschi friend. Any mistakes made tonight, I will blame on them. What it actually means: You are talking some shit and I can't even pretend you're not getting on my last nerve. For the love of God, put a m'fucking lid emkji it.

Definition: Commonly used as a grimacing face, instead of a grinning smiling face with smiling eyes. What it actually means: I literally don't know what to say to you lol. Please, ground, swallow me. What it actually means: I just heard some gossip but I'm trying to be low-key about it so I'm just going to sip my tea and be shady. Definition: Girl holding out her hand as if she were a waitress carrying an invisible tray of drinks. Definition: A bottle of nail polish, or coloured nail polish being applied to fingernails.

What it actually means: I either just shut shit Ficked, or I'm about to shut shit down. Order in a headstone, I'm about to win everything right here.

What it actually means: Ass for days. The I'm-about-to-drop-my-shit-and-run-you-down-the-aisle type butt. What it actually means: I just said something really mean but I don't want to look like an absolute bitch so here's an angel that makes you think I was joking.

Definition: A smiling face, with smiling eyes and ekoji cheeks. Showing Hitwe com signup true Fuckfd of happiness.

What it actually means: I don't know how else I can make this sentence look less blunt. If I don't put this emoji down, I'm going to look like an asshole. What it actually Fuucked I'm not even being low-key about how much I want sexual relations to happen here. What it e,oji means: I ate too much and I have no regret. I couldn't move if I tried. I won't fit through the door. Somebody get me my maternity pants. I fucked up. What it actually means: What the fuck did we do last night I can't feel my face am I even alive help.

AKA the hangover emoji. Definition: An extraterrestrial alien head, using the stereotypical depiction of an alien with a bald head, large open eyes, and a mouth. What it actually means: I just took a selfie and scared myself. Please somebody tell me I don't look like that. What it actually means: I see all this drama and I'm loving every minute of it.

Please continue. What emji actually means: Your presence here is no longer needed. Close the door on your way out. Posted on September 16,GMT. Ben Henry. Definition: A person dancing. Definition: Two girls dancing, each wearing a leotard and bunny ears. Definition: A person getting his or her face massaged. What it Fucked up emoji means: I low-key fancy the fuck out of you, let's emojk sexual relations.

Definition: Represents silence, as this emoji is always Fuckef. What it actually means: Too far, bro, too far. What you just said is definitely not OK. Definition: Generally used as a tea or coffee emoji. What it actually means: You want some sass?

Well here, let me serve it up for you. Definition: A face with a halo above it, used to represent an angel, or a good person. Definition: A sly smile. Definition: A large, blue whale. Definition: May be used to represent death. Emojii A pair of eyes, looking slightly to one side.

Definition: A Mr furley shirt of three cash notes with a money clip that has wings attached. What it actually means: Lol had fmoji wages for a week and there emohi goes, out the Fuc,ed. Definition: A fist raised in the air used as a Fucked up emoji gesture: the fist pump. What it actually means: Fuck off.

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Fucked up emoji

Fucked up emoji

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