Adults Aren't Immune From First-Time Allergies

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How do people develop allergies


How do people develop allergies

How do people develop allergies

Ah, springtime. Filled with flower blossoms, new beginnings — and, for a lot of people, red-eyed, snot-nosed misery. Welcome to the club. Allregies to immunologist Kanao Otsuan assistant professor of medicine at National Jewish Health, it is possible to develop seasonal allergies later in life — not terribly common, but definitely not unheard of, either. Here are a few of the unfortunate reasons why adult-onset allergies can strike. So what can trigger this second onslaught of allergies?

For instance, if you move from a cooler, drier climate to someplace like humid, vegetation-rich Florida, your previously dormant allergies might suddenly kick into high gear. Traffic congestion makes a difference, as excess diesel and gasoline fumes can exacerbate allergies.

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During allergy season, many people assume that common symptoms like nasal congestion peopke sneezing are a sign that their allergies are acting up. The test looks for a specific antibody that your body produces to battle certain allergens. If you think your home is moldy, or you smell How do people develop allergies strange, make sure to get allergkes tested.

But there is some good news: As you get older — think 60s and later — your allergies will Great clan names for destiny start to fade, Hajee says. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Best of The Cut.

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How do people develop allergies

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