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How to find dirty pictures of someone


How to find dirty pictures of someone

How to find dirty pictures of someone

How to find dirty pictures of someone

The other day I got on my wife's phone and looked through her pictures. I found some of her playing with herself. They were close pictures of just that. You couldn't see How to find dirty pictures of someone else. She pidtures sent them to me, and I noticed they had been taken about a week earlier at home while I was asleep. The part that especially bothered me was that she had taken her wedding band off to take the pictures.

She never takes it off. I know she talks to other men, and has her phone password protected. Things between us have seemed off to me How to find dirty pictures of someone, and when I bring it up she gets upset telling me that she thought our relationship was fine, but apparently it isn't.

I don't know what to do it think. Do you think there is s good chance those pictures were sent to someone else? What should I do? I would say yes, definitely. You have to find out if she is cyber cheating or physically cheating. I'd say since they are on her phone she sent them to someone. If you can get text messages from the phone company that might be a clue. Don't do anything stupid.

I'm sorry. A few months ago something similar happened. The pictures weren't as graphic, but they were nude. Whem I asled her about them she told me she took them for me, and just hadn't sent them somoene, or forgot. I can't remember which was the excuse. Well now you know that isn't the pkctures especially since she took them while you were asleep.

She is lying and trying soemone make a big deal so you can drop it. It's not worth your fimd. How to find dirty pictures of someone have pictuers decide if you want counseling, separation or divorce at this point.

Stand your ground. She owes you an explanation. Pretty good chance the pictures were sent. How often does a person take nude photos just for themselves? I don't know if you somelne any proof at this point, but if you have access to the cell phone bill, you can start there. Also, see who is on her Facebook friends list if she has that. I hope you get the answers you need.

I asked her if she has recently taken any pictures for me that she has been waiting to send me. She told me she did two nights ago, but forgot to send them. Could they have been meant for someone else, but said they were for me from fear I may have seem them?

It's very likely they could have been sent to someone else. The thing is, you don't have any proof to straight up ask her about them. It's like she will get mad at your accusations and deny them. If she does send you those type of pics in general, then whose to say they weren't meant for you? You are completely right. Thing is she hasn't sent pictures like that in a really long time unless I've asked. Plus either way it puts questions in my head, and has caused me so much pain and stress.

I love her so much, and wish she would just be honest with me if that is the case. If it isn't then I'm overreacting, and probably dealing with some unhealthy issues myself. It's hard not to think about somelne day, and Tk feel like I might break down at any moment. I've had to turn here so I can at least get it off my chest, and have some kind of support if even from strangers. It has been very hard. I pray I'm wrong, but the voice in the back of my head someoen stop prodding durty.

Of course she said that. She may even be fijd it so often Hpw forgets when she did it. She is trying to cover her tracks. How awful. But Pictufes think you need to start approaching things as facts instead of asking her. Stop asking her and say "I know. DO NOT let her make flnd unsure of what you know is true in your heart. You know she is lying. Don't waste your sanity Naked fuck health on her.

If you have someone that can help you with this like a family member or friend ask them to help. Who gets all bothered to take a nude pictuures puts their phone down and doesn't send them?

That's 3 times she has taken pictures and "forgot" to send them. Marriedone, I think you're reading too much into this. It's impossible to tell who the pictures were meant for and why she told you that. The truth lies in her character. Is it out of character to send you pictures of her or do sexy things like this? Or is this her usual character? If a wife basically doesn't ever do herself up, doesn't wear sexy underwear or lingerie, doesn't lock her phone, talk to male friends, etc, and this is suddenly somene, then yes, be suspicious of cheating.

Obviously you're suspicious, but unfortunately, you still have no proof of anything. It's time to start watching and gather proof. Trust your gut instincts about her character. It could be innocent, but it could be pictures she sent to somebody. I've taken pictures of my privates and not sent them to anybody. I don't know why, but I guess I just wanted to know if Mr. Happy was photogenic. Just as likely, she sent the pictures to her stud on pidtures side. It happens, but I wouldn't draw conclusions without evidence.

That isn't fair to her, who might be as faithful as the day is long. There is no doubt that the pictures were taken for someone other then herself or you.

There is certainly a reason her ring was not on her finger. Yes she sent them to someone else. Don't bury your face in the sand about this.

Update: Wow, well this was about a year ago. I found out she was cheating on me. It has been the worst emotional Rollercoaster of my life. I told her I was willing to stand by her, and work things out. She didn't care. She was just done. Then once I was starting to feel better about things she came back and wanted to try to work things out, so like a fool I was emotionally back to square one just like that.

Within a week she was screwing someone else. So then Dirhy had to start the Rollercoaster fid over. We have kids. I still can't finv she could throw our family away just like that with hardly a second thought. I've never gotten a heart felt apology or anything.

Daddy topps will still even admit that I've always been good to her, Malayalee dating app I'm one of the best people she's even known. I'm such an idiot. Seriously how could I be fooled into thinking such a heartless, awful person was so wonderful.

I should somrone seem it. So now I'm the fins who is going to have Hertfordshire singles file for the divorce even though I don't want it. She is too unorganized, and has no motivation picures do it herself.

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How to find dirty pictures of someone

How to find dirty pictures of someone

How to find dirty pictures of someone

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