Kindergarten Memes

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Kindergarten meme


Kindergarten meme

Kindergarten meme

Post a Comment. Teacher Memes. I was feeling playful tonight after the completion of my blog redesign and opening up a brand new facebook account for my Teachers Pay Teachers products so I created a few funny Teacher Memes to help you share in my merriment. Me,e free to pin the images to your social media accounts.

Here is my facebook link: www. I read my class a bear book this week Kindergarrten preparation for Spring. The bear had been asleep and hibernating and he awoke to flowers and birds everywhere. Even Kindergarten meme he was Top shelf milf kind bear I went ahead and read his voice in a growly voice I teach Kindergarten Kindergarten meme all. Teacher Meme: Mordor Needless to say my audience was enthralled. Growly voice tends to do that to five year olds.

The next meme came from the 15 minutes it took me to scrub glitter and dried glue off my students' desks before leaving on Friday. It's all worth it, right? The superintendent emme be visiting my school soon and we all know what a well decorated classroom means, right? It is my number one pet peeve. Just because a Kindergarten meme is small doesn't mean they can't learn some responsibility for their Knidergarten.

This leads to my next pet peeve. Parents Kondergarten Pajamas! It's 8 Spoderman text generator not 5 am. Please put on real pants. You have time. Treat yourself to a cute outfit in the morning.

You deserve it. Email This BlogThis! Labels: Teacher Memes. No comments:. Newer Post Older Kindergarten meme Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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Kindergarten meme

Kindergarten meme

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