HotLine Bar, Puerto Del Carmen

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Large and lovely hotline


Large and lovely hotline

Large and lovely hotline

Beat this! The lovely contralto, Madison Tradillador, gradually worked through the crowd, singing the finale of the tragic romantic ballad beloved by teens and adults alike, men and women everywhere. The singer paused in front of a man frozen in the tragic moment, as the final words of the song dissipated into the complete silence.

I missed this one the first time around. Must have been out terrorizing the neighbors? My definition of Contralto the lowest scale a female can sing is certainly different than a lot of others. That's quite okay. It was so short it probably slipped under the radar. A bit too short to be the standard multipart these days. I realized only afterwards that the story distilled ajd essence of "The Emperor's New Clothes".

I liked the "Contralto, lovsly, soprano" video. Have you heard this song with high notes? The sound of madness. Sounds hilarious. The "growl voice" video -- they hid the actress in a trailer for six hours? No wonder she growled. The video led me to an episode of "What's My Line. Some wears a little thin after a few songs, others Opera I never could appreciate, not the sopranos, What replaced craigslist the baritones.

Opera is not music, not soothing, not anything but fingernails on the blackboard. Come to think of it, I'll take fingernails on the blackboard first. Basically they need to be good singers with the ability to be on key and able to carry the song.

Too many singers try to sing something they were never meant to sing. They have the wrong voice for it. The rest, yech! I blame my mother for teaching me how to sing, stay on key, harmonize, and sing for the pure joy lovrly singing.

Love you hon, stay warm always, Barb. If you Lqrge, you can donate through Patreon: Become a Patron! Thank Lareg Skip to main content. You are here Daphne Xu. The Famous Lovely Contralto. By Daphne Xu.

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Large and lovely hotline

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