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New Online Gallery Rep! See the image below in the art section. This group show, curated by Evonne M. Davis, honors the Aferro Studios Residency Program, bringing Nelll past and current residents in this exhibition. As I pack up to launch the French edition of my book The History of White Peoplemy book is very much on my mind as a product of my own enunciation. This piece shows text from the English language edition of The History of White People and my mouth s as the speaker of artisg phrases.

August Time for me to sit down and finally make some art atist two months on the road promoting my new book, Old in Art School: A Memoir of Starting Over. A return to the simple enjoyment of making images. Let me go back to line and color and the joy of mark-making on paper. Rummaging through my archive of images, I found an srtist map from my research at the Beinecke Library at Yale inwhen I was painting my Odalisque Atlas series. In I just liked the way it looked, this 18th-century map of a artust of the Don River in Russia.

It was the appearance of the thing that attracted me. I made a little 7" x 5" lino print and colored about a dozen by hand Meetme registration ink, acrylic, and collage. I had a very good time. After I colored my lino prints, Nell artist checked xrtist the history just out of curiosity. I can never get very far from my love of history. And it turns out my Mail order dating have quite a back story with relevance beyond the Black Sea.

A centuries old, major commercial route, the Don River in Russia ends at the port of Azov also called Tana on the northern part of the Black Sea known as the Sea of Azov. For many centuries beforethe principal export through the port of Azov was live merchandise supplied by Cossacks. Cossacks captured their live merchandise by harvesting the steppe. Harvesting the steppe? This was raiding the peasants of the steppe between Poland, Ukraine, and Russia for people to sell to the rich eastern Mediterranean, especially to the Ottomans.

Self-portrait Series, Here are four from that series, ink and gouache on paper, all 22" x 30". They discovered that Nell Painter had made work inspired by Beauford Delaney. Emerge is a group art show and also a professional development program for artists.

Published on Oct 23, Nell's interview is from to in the video. Here is an excerpt from that review, discussing Nell's work: "I think there's a lot of artish in this show," says Jorge Rojas, the independent curator who organized "Emerge 11," though he didn't choose the Nelll. The show is one of the rewards for acceptance into the program. She had a distinguished career as a historian at Princeton University, artizt in 19th century Southern American history, and then she decided to pursue a career artidt art, and went through the Rhode Island School of Design.

And now she's showing these hypnotic abstractions based on an archival photograph of a dog fight in Brooklyn in the s. You can still see the dogs, but they're like a memory buried in the picture. Du Bois and Booker T. Nell Painter's Paul Robeson Activist is one of 6 portraits 3rd from right in artjst photo, see larger images below on exhibit at the Zimmerli Art Museum of Rutgers University, February-April Swampy Land by the Nell artist Don, hand-colored lino prints, ink and collage on paper, 8" x 7".

Paul Robeson Activist, detail oil stick, acrylic, and ink on canvas, 48" x 24". Here is an article about the Zimmerli exhibit in Rutgers Today. Thadious Davis Celebration Drawing, graphite, collage, and digital collage on paper, 11" x 17".

Eight parts, 17" x 17" artisst all eight parts shown above. Edition of Collaborating master printer Randy Hemminghaus. Photograph by Jennifer Lorenz. Two parts, 17" x 30" overall. Wise Woman Inside, Wise Woman Disappears,woodcut and polymer relief print on Sekishu white paper, 2 parts, Nell artist x 36" overall.

Artst Painter 3 Wise Woman Douglas Symmetrical Blue with Locke,12" x aritst. Washington and W. Du Bois. Motherwell in Provincetown 10,pastel and graphite on Yupo, 9" x 12". Motherwell in Provincetown 17, ink on Yupo, 9" x 12". Motherwell in Provincetown 13, Motherwell in Dedham 1,digital collage, 24" x 36".

Motherwell in Dedham 4,digital collage, 24" x 36". Motherwell in Dedham 6,digital collage, 24" x 36". Motherwell in Dedham 8,digital collage, zrtist x 36". Motherwell in Dedham 10,digital collage. Motherwell in the Adirondacks 1, digital collage, 32" x 32".

Motherwell in the Adirondacks 5,digital collage, 32" x artit. Motherwell in the Adirondacks 4,digital collage, 32" Nwll 32". Motherwell in the Adirondacks 10,digital collage, 32" x 32". Motherwell in the Adirondacks 13,digital collage, 32" x 32". Motherwell in the Adirondacks 14,digital collage, 24" x 48". Motherwell in the Adirondacks 17,digital collage, 32" x 32".

Art History by Nell Painter Volume 28 slideshow. Art History by Nell Painter Volume artidt slideshow. Princeton Self-portraitcharcoal on paper, 10" x 8", Douglas Inverted Colored 2 in Vol. With Arms Lopped Off,collage on paper, artisst image, 5" x 5". NO self-portrait 3, Digital self-portrait by Nell Painter, CRC images, digital images, dimensions vary.

CRC 2. CRC 8. CRC Beloveds he did not see her. Beloveds he saw her gray. Beloveds he saw her orange. Beloveds he saw her pink. Baskerville front cover. Title page. Negerplastik alone x2. Guillaume and Barnes. Locke Harvard with gradient. Survey graphic reiss. The new negro stretched. Locke sensitive merged. Douglas and Nelk. Palmer Hayden 3 merged. Woodruff 1 glowing merged. Porter merged.

Baskerville back cover. Agtist Sea Composite Map 8. Fall Art. Meena's Book 1. At Aferro, Nell's work turned to grisaille, a change inspired by the paintings themselves. Postcarddigital media, 4.

Plantains Series, Plantains 1hand-painted acrylic on digital archival print on canvas, 36" x 36". Plantains 2hand-painted acrylic on digital Nell artist print on canvas, 36" x 40".

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Nell artist

Nell artist

Nell artist

Fan her B. Eris Artists' Full-Portrait Prize : remix. Bonhams Ottawa, Sydney,auction cat. The Nati onal New Korean Artexh. Paul Brand, Art of the relationshipFamily, March, p.