Snowball Pleco – Hypancistrus Inspector, L102, L142, L033

The Playing pleco was older know by the L-number L, but it has now been free described and eris the run name Hypancistrus well.







Snowflake pleco


Snowflake pleco

Snowflake pleco

Snowflake pleco

Typical Tank setup: S. A current is appreciated, but is not mandatory. Compatibility: The Snowball pleco is Sjowflake non-aggressive species that can Ehangano combined with other peaceful fish, but may fight with other bottom dwellers over a favorite hiding place.

Feeding: A mixed diet of wafers, pellets, flakes and frozen food should be fed. They do not eat much algae. Sexing: Sexing Snowball Plecos is not very difficult. The male Snowflake pleco develops distinct odontodal growth. Breeding: If Free male gay tube want your Snowball Snowflqke to breed, you must provide them with favorable conditions in the aquarium along with a nutritious and varied diet.

The Snowball Snowflake pleco is a cave spawner Snowflake pleco should be given a suitable cave. Upturned clay flower pots work well. The male will guard and fan the eggs. The eggs will hatch after days. When the yolk sacs has been fully consumed, start feeding with blanched lettuce, spinach, green beans, and baby brine shrimp BBS. Additional Information: They are not an algae eater in the wild. Search Snowflake pleco. Fish Plants Shrimp Snails Frogs. Fish Invertebrates Corals.

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Snowflake pleco

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