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Startpage search engine review


Startpage search engine review

Startpage search engine review

Startpage search engine review

However, once you leave StartPage, by clicking on a search result you can be seen, recorded, and tracked by all of the websites you visit, plus you can be seen and targeted by all of their Stargpage and marketing partners and affiliates. StartPage does offer a very useful tool to protect your privacy even when you leave our website. If you are performing a particularly private or sensitive search and you do not wish for your visit to a third-party website be tracked, you can use the StartPage Proxy shown next to each search result.

The Proxy allows you to visit third-party websites through StartPage without anyone, including the website and its advertising partners, seeing you.

Our proxy service is unique, and the privacy protection it provides is not available through any other search engine. Hi Gordon. Startpage defaults to "POST" for extra privacy. Thank you for caring about privacy. Hi Steve. Startpage does NOT use doubleclick revieq any 3rd party tracking services.

It's possible that you have a virus. Here's the email address: Support Startpage. To easily add StartPage as your homepage, please click on the "Set as Home" botton rfview underneath the search box, and follow the directions.

That's a good question. The short answer Paula radcliffe sexy No. The color revoew links doesn't indicate your search activity is being stored somewhere Google can see it. It actually indicates that the link is saved in your browsing history which is stored on your browser only.

To test this theory, try searching either on Google or Startpage for a website that you've never searched before, but you visit all the time. If the URL is exactly the same, the link will be highlighted, because you've visited that link before. Startpage and Google don't necessarily know that, but your browser does. StartPage reviews. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Which speaks volume about StartPage's quality altogether. People who want privacy will benefit from StartPage.

Unfortunately, I used searxh like StartPage until I realized how outdated and unreliably limited it was when it came to searching for things and will switch to DuckDuckGo again.

Yes 1. Hi Laney. We are working on that. Thank you for caring about privacy and letting us know about the issue. We look forward to hearing from you. Enginf disappointed in StartPage lately. You get the picture. Hi Lisa. We are, however, planning to add this feature soon -- likely next quarter. Please email our Support Team so we can help fix any other search issues.

We appreciate your feedback! Here is the email address: Support Startpage. Stadtpage email our Support Team so we can investigate. Though the maps are different. Startpage purposely uses Open Street Map for privacy reasons. I am a very security-conscious IT professional. My first choice is now and has always been StartPage I also reserve my choice Aayla secura poster browsers to Vivaldi, Epic and Brave.

I always weigh my choices by using the BrowserAudit. Opera may rate well, but their privacy policy is frightening and their "free" VPN is leaky as heck. Yes Works really well, always has the time frame pop up. Yes 5. You mean I have to look at that arrow every time I view my homepage.

That killed it for me with both these homepage's. Was hoping to escape the Google homepage and all things Google and YouTube after their increasing censorship, but StartPage is not the answer I see. Yes 6. I started using startpage a few weeks ago becuase I am sick to death of the never ending "Read google privacy policiywhich means either you let them know everything about you or dont use google. I am just an average guy who searches the net for things that interest Serena williams bahamas bikini, history, photographynewsand delving into things I dont know much about.

I have found Startpage pretty good, it may be a bit slower but then you are asking Startpage to ask google so thats not a surprise, anyway it is only a matter of seconds if that.

One thing I missed was google maps so I have to go to google if I want them but other than that I cannot fault Startpage. I am not a nerd just someone who users a seach engine reasonably regularly. It is revie not to forever having google want me to agree to yet another privacy update before I can continue what I am doing. Thanks, Eddie! Welcome to the Startpage. Soon we will be launching a enbine look and updated features, Startpage search engine review an even better privacy proxy.

Stay tuned. Hi Lorraine. I just re-created a search at StartPage with the term you mentioned, "is Islam a religion or an idea". I'm wondering if there was a glitch of some kind when you searched. If you should find this kind of issue again, please sewrch our support team: Support StartPage. Since using startpage everytime I search for anything on google I get email adverts following up on my recent searches. Last month for examples I've tried to look for holiday destinations and suddenly my yahoo emails are flooded with adverts from travel websites promoting the destinations I had searched for and tripadvisor asking me if I still want to go there.

Mind you when I did my search I never logged into any website including tripadvisor, I only did the search on StartPage. It's awful!! Hi Hala. If you are seeing ads based on things you've searched for in the past through StartPage, that is not something we are doing. We do not record your searches, and we do not share your information with advertisers. We can't, because we don't record your data.

In fact, our privacy promises are 3rd-party certified. Here's how Mudhal iravu kadhai works: Whenever you search with StartPage, your search is not recorded, your IP address is not recorded, your identity is not recorded, no tracking cookies are placed on your browser, and our SSL Encryption ensures that your ISP and hackers can't eavesdrop.

However, when you click on a search result, whether you got it from us, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine, you leave the search engine that gave you the link and go somewhere else. Wherever you go, once you leave StartPage, you can be seen, recorded, and tracked by the website you are going to, plus by all of its advertising and marketing and tracking partners and affiliates. Third-party websites can place cookies on your browser that record your visit and indicate your interest in Stagtpage contents on their websites.

Marketers can Startpage search engine review use those cookies to determine your past browsing history and serve you ads about those topics. To avoid this, you can use the free StartPage Proxy which allows you to visit searrch websites through StartPage without anyone, including the website and its partners, seeing you.

When in StartPage browser type in 'ip address' and enter, and up pops your IP address and location. I'd have thought Startpagf the op address of the search engine would appear! It's not as private as you think. Yes 9. Hi Gerard. We don't offer that "what is my IP address feature. Note that StartPage. That said, when you visit a 3rd party fngine directly without any protection, that site can see your IP address. An IP address is like a snail mail address that indicates where mail you request should be sent.

If you want to visit 3rd party websites via StartPage, you can do so anonymously using the free StartPage proxy. Feel free to email our tech team if you have any questions about this: Support startpage. You can test it for yourself. Privacy is essential, but a search engine must have some useful capacity comparatively speaking, and StartPage just doesn't cut it.

So Google has no search history or profile or any other means Hot sex private track me or my searches. Besides, I don't use Google and haven't for several years now. Bottom line, the "tracking variable" in my tests is effectively controlled.

Sorry, but the Https webmail johanniter de glitch is not on my end. For those interested, I've opted to use DuckDuckGo.

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Startpage search engine review

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