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The day i fucked my aunt


The day i fucked my aunt

The day i fucked my aunt

The day i fucked my aunt

I was 16 years of age when my aunt and i did it. It was a monday Watch confessions of a young american housewife when my parents and i went to her house.

I knew my aunt was scare of the dark, so i went into her room to check out if she was ok. I went into the bathroom with a candle and saw her giant boobs, they turned me on right away, and her pussy was beutiful, no hair in it either. I gave her the candle and went to my cousins room. I masturbated my 8 inch cock for 30 minutes before falling asleep. I dreamed of me and my aunt fucking each other.

The next day i could tell my aunt was embarresed of even looking at me. My cousins had to go to summer school, so me and my aunt would have the house to ourselfs for hours. When they left, my aunt asked me if i wanted to watch a movie, so i said yes. We were watching basic instintc, and laying on her bed. She suddenly put her hand throug my shorts The day i fucked my aunt started petting my dick, it felt so good, i started touching her breast and kissing her in the mouth, 2 minutes later we were both undressed and she was sucking my dick.

It felt like i was in heaven, she was good at deep throating. I grabbed her legs and spread them out and started fucking her. She was moaning and saying my name. I didnt know what to do she said it was ok, she told my uncle it was The day i fucked my aunt. I kept fucking her even pregnant,it feels so damn good, i fucked her even when she spent the night at our house. Now my baby its 3 years old and i spent the night at his house as often as i can to get to fuck my aunt.

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The day i fucked my aunt

The day i fucked my aunt

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